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As some might recall, Testors recently cancelled all orders of its Ruby Ford miniatures by Tom Meier due to its recent merger. Today, Mike Butterworth at Testors has contacted us with a message to interested fans and collectors that should explain the cancellation and the future of the A Song of Ice and Fire product lines that Testors had planned:

To all of you who recently placed orders for the Tom Meier - Ruby Ford piece. We (Testors) extend our sincerest apologies for all the delays and confusion surrounding the release of this item.  I know that a great many, if not all of you have experienced some level of frustration regarding the status of this item or the lack there of. 

Please allow us to explain.

Effective June 01,  2006 the Testor Corporation became part of The Rust-O-leum group of consumer products.  Rust-O-leum is one of our sister companies in the RPM family of companies.  As a result of this consolidation Testors recently underwent a major re-organization of our management group.

Unfortunately one of the effects of this period of restructuring was that our license with George was allowed to lapse. This was purely a mistake on our part and one we deeply regret. Unfortunately the lack of license caused us a great deal of problems. At one particular point there was a question of whether we would continue to pursue this arrangement at all, given the new direction our company seemed to be going.  Fortunately the dust has begun to settle around here and our new management team has shown tremendous support for these initiatives. They have elected to continue our relationship with George and to support the projects that we have been developing. We are now renewing our efforts and expect to be back on track in a few more weeks. We are in the process of completing a brand new website dedicated to our non-game products along with a Westeros site as well.

I thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to many great products to come.

If anyone has any questions or complaints please contact me direct
at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Mikel Butterworth
Testor Corporation