The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Testors Update

Tom Meier of Thunderbolt Mountain, renowned for his miniatures sculpting and the artist behind “The Ruby Ford” model from Testors, has recently posted on his blog that the whole project (referring probably to his involvement in producing 54mm limited editions, as well as his producing wargaming miniatures for Testors’s proposed Ice and Fire wargame) is now, “uncertain.”

It may be noted that Mikel Butterworth—the chief contact person at Testors for the Ice and Fire license—has moved on to other employment around this time, and that Testors has been made a subsidiary of a sister company, Rust-O-leum as well (as previously reported here). Finally, for those who have purchased the Ruby Ford figure, or are interested in purchasing it, there is a thread concerning issues with the model that are still being worked out at the A Song of Ice and Fire Board. It can be found here.