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Tuf Voyaging Sale

George R.R. Martin reports on his “Not a Blog” about the aftermath of the demise of small press publisher Meisha Merlin, which included having to deal with warehouses full of tens of thousands of books. Wildside Press got hold of most of the titles, but thirty thousand books are still left and are likely to be pulped and recycled. Wildside was kind enough to allow GRRM to get the remaining copies of Tuf Voyaging in the warehouse, and he’s now offering it to readers at a discounted price of $19 for the trade hardback, $99 for the slipcased limited edition, including shipping.

Tuf Voyaging is a fantastic collection of linked stories, featuring the rather unique character Haviland Tuf, a merchant captain who comes to command the most powerful ship in the galaxy and proceeds to use its vast resources to solve problems on various planets in the Thousand Worlds setting, the most detailed of GRRM’s SF settings. Many of the stories are terrific examples of science fiction, and we definitely recommend it to fans of GRRM’s work.