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Updates from GRRM

Over at “Not a Blog”, George R.R. Martin provides two brief updates. As previously reported, he confirmed that filming had wrapped on the first season of Game of Thrones. Our congratulations to all the cast and crew!

But before that update, he had a small update concerning A Dance with Dragons. He noted that he had recently finished a chapter, and had revised (and then re-revised) another, and was presently writing material concerning Jon Snow and the “krakens” (referring to the Greyjoys and the ironborn they rule).

As we’ve reported in the past, George had five chapters left to write as of November. So is it four left? Hard to say. As GRRM cautioned, sometimes a chapter needs to be broken up and expanded into two or even three chapters before he’s happy with it. Still, though it’s a “slog” as he calls it, progress continues.