The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Warhammer Unveiled

Valyrian Steel, official producers of A Song of Ice and Fire-based weapons such as Longclaw and Needle, are now hard at work on the fourth weapon in the series while Ice is being manufactured. They announced earlier that next up was Robert’s warhammer…

... and now they’ve unveiled the concept art which GRRM has approved. To quote them:

In making this, GRRM typically had one piece of feedback for us “It needs to be bigger.” He said, so we kept making it bigger, the hammer head itself ended up pretty massive. So big in fact that it posed some manufacturing issues for us… George R.R. Martin says that this design is his favorite of the now 4 items we’ve done. I don’t remember the exact words, but he wrote something along the lines of “Yes yes yes!” when he first saw this concept art with the hand in for scale.

It’s an amazing design, and we can see why it’s George’s favorite. Wow.