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Wild Cards Books From John J. Miller

We recently had the pleasure of meeting John J. Miller—one of the many fine writers involved in the creation of the Wild Cards series of books—in Glasgow during the Worldcon. When we heard that he had some books for sale, we decided to contact him to ask about that, as well as any news we have. First, news about forthcoming Wild Cards books:

"I handed in the new Wild Card novel (DEATH DRAWS FIVE) last December.  I have heard conflicting dates of publication, but it looks like either Jan. 2006 or March 2006.  George is close to handing in a proposal for three more volumes, a traditional Wild Card triad in which there will be a linked theme for the first two anthologies and a full-blown mosaic novel to cap it off.  Keep your fingers crossed."

Regarding books he has for sale:

"Wild Card Books Available from John J. Miller:

  • Book 1:  British edition, Bantam (Truman cover), iBooks TPB
  • Book 2:  British edition, Bantam edition
  • Book 3:  British edition, iBooks edition, iBooks TPB
  • Book 4:  Bantam edition, iBooks TPB
  • Book 5:  iBooks TPB
  • Book 7:  Bantam
  • Book 9:  Bantam
  • DEUCES DOWN:  iBooks hardback
  • GURPS Worldbook:  TPB size.  This is the role-playing guide I wrote for the GURPS (Steve Jackson Games) system; it came out after the first five books were published, and serves as a pretty good concordance for the wild card universe, having a listing for all major characters, events, places,  etc.

Notes:  TPB is trade sized paperback, all other books are mass market unless noted.  All are pretty much in Near Fine to Fine condition, like new.  If a specific volume has any problems I’ll you know before you have to pay for it.

And speaking of payment, all paperbacks $4 (or equivalent),  DEUCES DOWN hardback is $6, GURPS worldbook (which is somewhat scarce and commands a bit of a premium is $15.  I’ll sign on request, and if you’re patient for a week or so (or maybe more) I could probably get other signatures of local writers as well.  Foreign readers can pay me via paypal; U.S.  readers paypal or check, whichever.  Postage is extra and will be exact cost, or pretty close to it.

Contact me via e-mail (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)). "