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Wild Cards Comic Book Series

At the New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics and Dabel Brothers Productions announced that Wild Cards, a seminal superhero setting created by and written about by authors such as George R. R. Martin, will see new life in comic book publishing through a brand new series which will be entirely original. Instead of adapting previous stories as the previous Epic series did years ago, the first six issues will feature the work of author Daniel Abraham (who has recently become a part of the Wild Cards team of writers, including writing the interstitials for Tor’s forthcoming new Wild Cards volume, Inside Straight). Daniel’s own announcement follows:

For those of you what missed the announcement and wondered why the hell Les Dabel was slumming it with me, Roaring Studios in partnership with Marvel Comics (or whatever the correct legalese is for their relationship) has signed on to put out an original comic book set in the Wild Card universe.

Unlike the previous stab we took at making a Wild Card comic, this won’t be an adaptation of previous stories and characters in the continuity. We’re telling an all new story with some familiar characters and some original. I’ve signed on to do the first six-issue story line which we expect will later be concatenated as a graphic novel in six chapters.

Other folks in the consortium will likely follow up with stories of their own.

More as we progress…