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Wild Cards Reissue Cover

Tor’s reissuing of the original Wild Cards anthology, which kicked off the shared-world superhero setting that’s still going strong after 25 years, now has its cover by acclaimed artist Michael Komarck. Komarck provided the covers for the three latest Wild Cards books from Tor, and it looks like he’ll be providing art chores on the rest of the reprints.

George R.R. Martin provided more details on the reissue, which is officially set for a November 23 publication date. As previously announced, the reissue will include three brand new stories: Michael Cassut‘s 50’s-era “Captain Cathode v. the Secret Ace”, David Levine’s 1960-set “Powers”, and Carrie Vaughn 80’s-era “Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan”. In comments, GRRM adds that Aces High and Jokers Wild are tentatively scheduled for late 2011 and mid-2012 releases, but that only Wild Cards will feature new stories.

In November, another Martin-edited anthology (co-edited with the esteemed editor Gardner Dozois) will also see publication, Songs of Love and Death, whose table of contents we’ve previously shared.