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Wild Cards Tidbits

Via Wild Cards thread at the ASoIaF forum, John J. Miller (most recently author of Wild Cards: Death Draws Five) drops a few little hints about the future of the superhero series.

A new triad of books is being planned, and there’s hope that it won’t belong before they have a publisher (following iBooks’s bankruptcy). To quote John:

“So the next triad (hint for longtime fans: the long awaited Committee plotline) will see a whole slew of new, younger (the old guard was also rather aging) characters. The catch phrase is “It’s 2007. Do you know where your children are?” And no, this is not a rhetorical question. It does have an answer, but it would premature to state it now.”

John also hints that he and George may be about ready to go forward on something that’s been waiting for 11 years, and that he hopes to have plenty of good news in the months to come.