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Sword and Laser to Feature Henry Jacoby, GRRM

The very popular SF/F web video series, Sword and Laser, will have a kind of “A Song of Ice and Fire” double-header this Friday. They’ll be talking to Professor Henry O. Jacoby, editor of Game of Thrones and Philosophy (Order:  US Paperback, US Kindle, UK) . And then, of course, they’ll also be speaking with George R.R. Martin about the Game of Thrones, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and more.

You can find the episode some time this Friday, posted at the official Sword and Laser site, as well as Sword and Laser‘s page at Geek and Sundry or the Sword and Laser Youtube Channel. Note that presently they feature an interview and extended interview with James S.A. Corey—aka Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (who may be better known to fans as George R.R. Martin’s assistant)—regarding his/their book, Leviathan Wakes.

Black and Yellow

Although the number of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and Game of Thrones-related songs and videos have increased ten fold over the last year, we haven’t had too much time to share any of them… but this one, sent our way by Adam Whitehead, caught our attention. Based on Wiz Khalifa’s hit “Black and Yellow”, this one rather amusingly spins it as a song about the Baratheon brothers. It’s charming and, hey, lots of references to details in the books (“Lightbringer!” “Rainbow Guard!):

Good fun!

A Dance with Dragons Wins Locus Award

We’ve just learned that A Dance with Dragons—the fifth novel in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series—has been announced as the winner of the 2012 Locus Award for Best Novel. Presented each year, the Locus Awards are administered by Locus Magazine, the foremost SF/F publishing trade magazine. The yearly Locus Poll—open to everyone, although submissions by current subscribers are weighted—has been very kind to the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, with every novel taking first place with the exception of A Feast for Crows (which was #2 in the poll, just behind that year’s winner, Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys).

Congratulations to GRRM and, indeed, all the winners of this year’s Locus Awards! For those who are curious, China Mieville’s Embassytown took Best SF Novel, while Catherine Valente scored wins in three separate categories (YA, novelette, and novella). The full list of finalists can be found at here, while we’ll update when the official and complete results are available online.

UPDATE: The full list of winners and finalists can be found here.

Game of Thrones Cast Reads GRRM

Via George’s “Not a Blog”, we’ve learned that three of his novels will be recorded as audiobooks, each of them read by a different actor from HBO’s Game of Thrones.  The three books and their respective actors are:

Westeros’s New Server

The last days, you may have noticed that Westeros.org has been down quite often. That’s because the server just couldn’t handle the amount of load being placed on it. Well, that’s a thing of the past (unless we see exponential levels of growth): the whole of Westeros.org and all of its parts (the Wiki of Ice and Fire, the Forum of Ice and Fire, Blood of Dragons MUSH) is now housed on the same, very capable server. This should mean that the extensive downtimes and great amounts of lag should be a thing of the past (*knocks on wood*).

Many thanks to the community who contributed to help make it possible, and of course to our amazing host, Sparks, who did all the heavy-lifting of getting things together!

GRRM Interviewed, Profiled

Three interesting sets of articles about George R.R. Martin have surfaced in the last couple of days. We’ve added them to the So Spake Martin collection, of course, but for convenience here’s the direct links to the three pieces:

Reviewing A Feast of Ice and Fire

In his introduction to A Feast of Ice and Fire (Order Now: US, US Kindle, Amazon UK), George R.R. Martin writes that he has been accused of writing “food porn” with his lengthy, detailed descriptions of what his characters eat. Fortunately, it is this very habit of his that inspired the mouthwatering exploration of the food of A Song of Ice and Fire that this book represents.

The two women behind it all, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer, started their foray into the food of Westeros—and Essos!—by way of a blog, Inn at the Crossroads, around the time of the first season of Game of Thrones. Their attempts to recreate favourite dishes from the books eventually caught the attention of George R.R. Martin and this led to the book that now has been released, just in time for your Game of Thrones season finale parties.

Official Site Update

A bit belated on our part, as personal stuff has kept us busy these last couple of weeks, but GRRM has a number of updates at “Not a Blog” which we thought we’d make note of, with comments. See them below:

So Spake Martin Update

We’ve updated the So Spake Martin collection—our archive of correspondence, interviews, and more with George R.R. Martin—with the latest interview we’ve seen from GRRM, with Mark Lawson for the BBC’s Frontrow program.

Fundraiser Completed - Thank You!

We set the fundraiser for Westeros.org at what I thought was a not-very-modest goal—about twice as much as we ever really asked for before—and it turns out, I very much undervalued how much the site means to the community of users! After less than a week, the fundraising has come to a close… and we raised something north of $3000! An amazing job, one and all, and we truly appreciate it. Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed, to those who would if they could, and everyone who’s contributed to make it such a terrific community site.

Game of Thrones RPG Winners

The Game of Thrones RPG contest grew to a close yesterday, and now I can name the winners!

From the competition for our Twitter followers:

From the competition for our Facebook followers:

  • Christopher VeRn Varney
  • Valeria Vianes

Congratulations to the winners! They’ve all been contacted via Twitter or Facebook, and will see their copies of the Game of Thrones RPG sent to them once we have the mailing addresses. The Game of Thrones game has been released in the US today (XBox, PS3, PC Download) and will be available in the rest of the world from June 1st (UK XBox, UK PS3, UK PC DVD).

Cyanide Goes Behind the Wall

The Game of Thrones RPG is rapidly approaching, and Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive—perhaps taking a page from HBO’s many behind the scenes videos—has released a video taking us “Behind the Wall”:

We’ve also updated our gallery with a heap of new screen shots.

The RPG hits shelves on the 15th of May in North America, and Junest 1st in the rest of the world. And if you’re in the US and interested in winning a copy for XBox or PS3? Look here!

Win the Game of Thrones RPG

May 15th is the date in the U.S. for the release of Atlus USA’s and Cyanide Studio’s Game of Thrones RPG for XBox and PS3 (as well as PC, via Steam or Amazon downloads)... and we have a contest to win one of four copies for those of you lucky to be in the US!

We have four copies to give away, winner’s choice as to XBox or PS3 (sorry, no PC copies to give away) and these include the exclusive pre-order art book. The competition is US only (sorry! we’ll see if we can’t offer one for those elsewhere in the world nearer the release date) and we want to to give everyone a couple of entries… so here’s how you do it:

We’ll have a drawing for 2 copies for Facebook commenters and 2 copies for Twitter followers/RTers.

One entry per social site, please—multiple entries beyond that will be disqualified! Winners will be announced on Monday following the contest close at 12PM Eastern Time, and we’ll get in touch as quickly as possible to get your address and preference as to whether you prefer the XBox or PS3 version. Once we have addresses, the copies will be mailed out some time on or after May 15th.

Good luck!

Westeros Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again, folks, to support the Westeros.org community. It’s not just the forums and website, that have seen far more activity and membership than they ever have, but it’s also the Wiki of Ice and Fire (the premiere ASoIaF wiki on the web) which is one of the most visited parts of the site—well over a million unique visitors per month, coming by to look up all the details that you, the community, have put up there to share your knowledge and love of the series.

If you’ve ever used the resources of Westeros.org, discussed a theory on the forum, browsed the wiki—please consider chipping in a bit of money for the fundraiser! The funds raised will go directly to our wonderful server admin Sparks to defray the costs of hosting , and allow us to start looking into upgrades that might further improve the speed and stability of the servers.

Many thanks for your time, consideration, and (we hope) your donation! ChipIn allows payments through credit card or Paypal; sorry, we can’t take money orders, cheques, or cash, but we do appreciate the thought!

Game of Thrones RPG Approaches

The Game of Thrones roleplaying game will be released in just six short days (in the US—it’ll be June 1st for Europe and the rest of the world), and if you haven’t pre-ordered, it’s soon the last chance to do so!

Over at Amazon US, the XBox and PS3 versions include an art book as a pre-order bonus, or you can just go an preorder the downloadable PC version . All three versions are up for pre-order at Amazon UK as well (UK XBox, UK PS3, UK PC DVD)... and of course you can just go ahead and pre-order the PC game for download at Steam, although that seems to be set to the June 1st release date for Europe.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has released a terrific interview with the lead developers from Cyanide and—if you’ll excuse the fact that English isn’t their first language—it’s quite informative about some of their approach, including how they took a page or two from GRRM. Good stuff, and by the comments it looks like a few people find the game even more interesting. The interview also includes an amusing tidbit where we learn that GRRM says the death of a character was because of his assistant Ty Franck’s suggestion, and that Cyandie is already hard at work on DLC content for the game.

Atlus has also set up a Facebook page for the game, where you can find the latest images and videos, and keep abreast of the latest developments as the release approaches and fans start looking for the DLC content!

On top of that, Atlus has set up a Facebook page for the game