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Calendar Update

The calendar has been updated with dates for George R. R. Martin’s appearances in Spain. He says more dates may be added, and that dates for events in Portugal are forthcoming.

Search Plugins

For those using Firefox, we’ve now introduced OpenSearch plugins to all areas of Westeros.org. There are three primary ones: the main search plugin searches sites such as The Citadel, while the forum and the wiki have dedicated plugins. Just check your search bar and you should see the option of adding our search plugins to your collection. What this will allow you to do is quickly and easily search the site, forum, and wiki from anywhere on the Internet.

Derivations and Gallery Update

Over the last few days, we have continued making numerous updates to the site. The most recent involve art of various kinds. Several new artists have been added to our list of artist links under Derivations and the Gallery (a merging of the former Artwork and Images sections) has seen one new but very belated addition in the form of the talented Raya Golden who exhibited her work during the LA WorldCon.

Recent and Upcoming Site Changes

Visitors to the site may or may not have noticed a lot of things changing of late. We are finally hard at work on getting all content on the site handled dynamically through ExpressionEngine, which will make it easier to update, easier to indicate changes to existing materials and easier to search.

Some of the major changes done just recently are an overhaul of all of All Sorts of Weird Stuff (for example, the various licensed products and the artist links now reside in a wiki called Derivations) and changes to the FAQ and the Prophecies under the Citadel.

We are also working on some major changes to A Ring of Ice and Fire (the current ring code will be exchanged for something spam proof) and we also expect to turn the Artwork section into a proper dynamic gallery quite soon.

Gallery Update

All Sorts of Weird Stuff’s Gallery has had its Art section updated with several piece from Jamie Sims, the artist who’s worked as designer for Testors and who has most recently received some commissions from Fantasy Flight Games for their card game. Four of the pieces are pictures of original designs Jamie has made for Testors, which will soon be for sale. The last piece if an early, rejected sketch for card featuring Oberyn Martell.

All Sorts of Weird Stuff Makeover

The third of five sections has now received its new design, complete with sidebar and all.

If you are experiencing any problems with the new design at resolutions of 800x600 or above and in modern browsers (IE 6 and upwards, Firefox/Mozilla or recent versions of Opera), please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll try our best to fix the issue.

Art & Gallery Update

The Art section has been updated with information about artists taking commissions for A Song of Ice and Fire art. Examples of their art, including prior commissions, have been added to the Gallery.

Books Update

A long overdue update has been made to our reviews of the "Dunk & Egg " stories; the review of "The Hedge Knight" has been significantly expanded upon, and "The Sworn Sword" has finally had a review added. Read them at The Citadel (or under All Sorts of Weird Stuff).

As an aside, we’d like to mention that we’ll also be working on adding more non-GRRM reviews, but that from now on, only a few select ones will be displayed in the Books section of The Citadel at any given time. The full collection will instead be found at our new, personal site, Hippoi Athanatoi, predictably enough in the Reviews section.

Calendar Added

Just in time for the upcoming WorldCon, we have launched our Calendar covering events of interest to fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and George R.R. Martin, such as appearances and release dates. At the moment, it contains an entry for each day of the WorldCon (with listings of the panels and events that fans might want to catch), as well as the UK and US release dates for A Feast for Crows.

New Section Added

The newest addition to Westeros, All Sorts of Weird Stuff, has now been officially launched. Here you will find information about GRRM and A Song of Ice and Fire that isn’t theme- or story-related. In particular, we will attempt to bring fans all news of relevance to the series or any of Mr. Martin’s other writings. We will also collect our reviews of GRRM’s books and stories in this section, and provide information about the various licenses related to his works, such as the CCG, the RPG and the miniatures.

At the moment, the News section is the only one that has been completed, but over the next weeks we hope to have time to add content to some of the other sections too.