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So Spake Martin Update

We’ve added a link to a new interview at the So Spake Martin collection, this one by Catalan blog Adria’s News. It’s an excellent interview with GRRM, covering a wide range of topics connected both to the books and the TV series, with a lot of questions and answers one doesn’t often see in more run-of-the-maill interviews. It’s a good read, though I’ll note there’s some small grammatical errors in the course of transcription (pretty sure GRRM repeated his old remark that trying to please everyone, rather than “anyone”, to give an obvious example).

There are spoilers, but they are hidden behind spoiler protection.

So Spake Martin Update

We’ve updated the So Spake Martin collection with a lengthy report from George R.R. Martin’s reading at Chicon. There, he read a lengthy extract from The World of Ice and Fire, which Linda and I are co-authoring with him. You can find the update here, provided from long-time forum member Trebla (much appreciated, Treb!)

As an aside, you’ll also notice something new on this and other So Spake Martin entries: we’ve opened up Facebook comments for those who would like to comment on or discuss entries. We’ve similar made comments available on the FAQ and Prophecies sections.

So Spake Martin Update

George R.R. Martin may be wrapping up his visit to Spain in the next day or so, but he has been busy with interviews and press conferences and Q&A’s. We’ve been collecting them over at the So Spake Martin collection, but we do have too make a particular note about this interview—translated from the Spanish, and sent to us by Jon Nieve of the leading Spanish fan site for A Song of Ice Fire, Asshai.com. It’s heavy on spoilers for A Dance with Dragons, and it touches on quite a few topics that hardcore fans will doubtless find very, very interesting indeed.

Many thanks to Jon and the fans at Asshai for coming up with these great questions and for letting us share the article at the SSM collection!

So Spake Martin Update

We’ve updated the So Spake Martin collection—our archive of correspondence, interviews, and more with George R.R. Martin—with the latest interview we’ve seen from GRRM, with Mark Lawson for the BBC’s Frontrow program.

New Interviews in the So Spake Martin Collection

The So Spake Martin  collection of interview links, correspondence, and more has been growing by leaps and bounds of late. Today, we’ve added two new entries: a link to an excellent interview at the Sydney Morning Herald, and a transcript of a Q&A with Martin at the Redwood City signing, led by Tad Williams. The transcript comes by way of his Twitter account and his wife, Deborah Beale.

Signing Reports and More

We’ve posted a signing report from last night’s Union Square signing, with reports of the crowd having hit about 1,800 fans showing up for the event (more than twice the crowd that showed up for A Feast for Crows).

There’s a number of other entries in the So Spake Martin collection, linking to various interviews and on-line chats that have been published over the last days. Make sure to check them out!

Signing Report from Burlington

The So Spake Martin collection has been updated with our first signing report in awhile, courtesy of a member of our A Song of Ice and Fire forum. According to the estimate there, some 1,500 people have turned up—not quite as many as the 2,000 in Slovenia, but early days yet!

There’s some interesting details, both about Game of Thrones and the novels, and a hint about what may be in the next novel, The Winds of Winter, so read the report!

So Spake Martin Updates

The So Spake Martin collection of correspondence, signing and convention reports, and interviews has been updated with a number of entries from the past month. These include Dave Itzkoff’s and James Poniewozik’s extensive interviews with Martin, as well as Joe Abercrombie’s chat with GRRM for Sky Arts.

So Spake Martin Update

The So Spake Martin section of our site—an archive of correspondence, chats, interviews, and signing and convention reports—has been updated with a link to a podcast interview with GRRM conducted by Bear Swarm!. This is about a month old, recorded at the time of the Days of Ice and Fire event.

So Spake Martin Update

The So Spake Martin collection has been updated with a number of reports from the recent Days of Ice and Fire event. You can find them here, under the section for reports from signings and events.

Octocon Q&A

The Octocon Q&A has just wrapped, and we’ve posted a transcription from lady narcissa (from the A Song of Ice and Fire forum) to the So Spake Martin collection of correspondence and convention reports. Quite a lot of good material,but be aware that there are some small spoilers here and there for the previous books and A Dance with Dragons.

Worldcon Reports

The So Spake Martin collection has been updated with some of the first George R.R. Martin-specific reports out of the 2010 Worldcon, AussieCon 4. You can find the reports on the Convention Reports sub-section of the collection, and it’s the place to keep an eye on as we get more reports over the course of the weekend. Reports are always welcome at the forum, or they can be sent direct to us.

So Spake Martin Update

The So Spake Martin collection of reports and correspondence with GRRM have been updated with an e-mail from May in which a plot point from A Storm of Swords is briefly discussed, and with reports from last week from George’s appearance in San Diego last week. It includes some interesting information on the initial choice for the role of Illyrio Mopatis and how the dramatization of the series might effect GRRM’s depiction of characters.

So Spake Martin Update

As promised, the SSM collection has been updated with a C2E2 transcript and other reports. And as an extra surprise, we have the link to a brand new podcast interview with GRRM at the Dragon Page. GRRM shares some very frank and interesting thoughts on the process of writing the series and the difficulties and delays that have taken place with the last novel and the present one.

So Spake Martin Update

The So Spake Martin collection has been updated with a new audio interview with George R.R. Martin, carried out by Gamer’s Haven. As the name of the site might suggest, there’s a special focus on gaming in the interview, discussing GRRM’s history with games and their influence on his work.