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Important Changes

Once again, we have changed the software we use for managing our news, but we’re hopeful that Expression Engine will be something that we will stick with for a very long while. We’re also hoping that it will allow us to introduce some new features to the site, to the benefit of us as well as our visitors.

If you are a regular visitor to Westeros, you will notice that the news & updates are now being handled differently. From now on, the Westeros: Updates journal (this one, that is) will contain only updates relating to the site itself, divided up into categories that correspond to the sections of the site. Any news relating to George R.R. Martin or A Song of Ice and Fire will be found in the All Sorts of Weird Stuff: News journal, found within the new section that we are in the process of launching. We have also moved announcements dealing with game news (as opposed to news about the game’s website) to the Blood of Dragons: Announcements journal.

However, for those who prefer to have all the news in one place, we have also put up a Westeros: Digest journal, complete with matching RSS feeds, that incorporates all the news from the aforementioned journals. As always, we’re very interested in hearing about any problems you may be experiencing as a result of these changes. If, for example, you have linked to the old news & updates archives, or made use of the old RSS feeds, you will want to make sure to update these links as those pages will be removed shortly.