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Westeros CMS Upgraded

Just a quick note that the last week or so of our time has been taken up by the extensive work needed to upgrade Westeros.org’s content management system—Expression Engine—from the 1.x we’ve been using since around 2004, to 2.x—and we’ve finally brought up the site live.

This does not in fact mean everything will be working perfectly out of the box. There are many, may dead links to gallery pages in past posts, for example, as a major part of the upgrade involved moving from a gallery-specific module that EE1 used to putting them all into the main database as is now standard with EE2. We hope to try and find some ways to fix this in the database, but until then, old links to gallery pages will be broken. The process of updating our galleries to provide the same degree of functionality as they had back in the old system will take awhile to sort out.

In other places, you may well stumble across odd links that seem to be missing a slash—that’s a bit of a finicky thing, and if you do come across it, we’d welcome an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) identifying the page and the link where this error happened so we can sort them out.

Otherwise, if there’s anything else unusual… well, we’re probably aware of it and are probably working on it! But if it persists for a week or two, again, feel free to contact us!