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Board Fundraiser

Every six months or so, we like to raise funds to help cover some of the costs incurred in running the A Song of Ice and Fire Board. Because of most excellent site admin (who also provides hosting for Westeros.org in general), the cost of the board is much lower than it would be at a commercial hosting package, but there’s still some cost. If you use the board to any degree and enjoy your time here, please do donate! To donate, you can go here where a group action for $500 is being hosted.

It should be noted that Fundable does take a percentage of the money raised (7%) but the convenience of it is that those without Paypal accounts can just use their credit cards without having to sign up for anything. Furthermore, Fundable actually requires fundraisers to be $500 or more; if a fundraiser fails to reach its minimum, the funds are basically sent back to the donors. $500 is more than we need this time around (in general, we look to raise roughly $750-$800 per year to help with the hosting costs). We contacted Fundable and they have assured us, however, that if we don’t reach the $500 mark, they’ll still pass on the money. This is one reason why we’ve made it a 2 week fundraiser rather than a month-long event, since we’re not concerned about reaching $500. That said, we do hope to raise at least $350.

Again, if you wish to donate, please go here. Thanks for your continuing support!