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Board Fundraiser

It’s that time again, folks! The A Song of Ice and Fire board needs your support to continue going. While the hosting is generously provided by Sparks, our terrific site admin, the costs of keeping the board running are not insignificant. We’ve currently set up a Fundable group action for $750. This is more than the previous fundraisers, because we’ve decided to move from twice-yearly fundraising efforts to annual. We believe the community is certainly capable of raising this kind of funding.

Fundable.org allows users to submit donations via Paypal or major credit cards, so everyone should be able to contribute. The group action will be open for 25 days, with a minimum donation of $10 (if you can’t manage quite that much, but would still like to contribute, please contact us and we’ll see if we can help arrange your contribution).

To go to the group action, go here. And please do feel free to spread the word around to other fans and supporters of the website!