Site Redesign

As our visitors may have noticed, the layout of Westeros has changed somewhat recently. This is part of a larger project to partially redesign all of the sections and to move some content around as we add a new section. Hopefully, this transition will be as smooth as possible, but in the coming weeks it is possible that you will encounter various errors (missing pages, layout issues, etc) as we go through each step of the process.

If you come across any errors that don’t go away if you reload the page a moment or two later, feel free to drop us a line about it, as it will help us get them fixed more quickly.  If the issue is layout related, please include a mention of which browser and operating system you are using. As the new designs we are introducing will be purely CSS based, we are expecting issues with older browsers, but we’re not quite sure which it is that can’t handle it. However, it should work fine in IE 6 and any of the recent Mozilla-based browsers.