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A Ring of Ice and Fire Makeover

The webring has received a much-needed makeover, which includes a slightly altered design, a whole new colour scheme and some new banners. Current members of the webring are encouraged to switch to the new banners, but it is by no means necessary.

The sidebar included in the new design will, over time, be introduced on all sections on Westeros. The hope is that this will improve access to various features of the site regardless of which section of the site you’re currently visiting. It is, however, a somewhat complex design that doesn’t perform well in all browsers, so if you are experiencing problems at resolutions of 800x600 or above and in modern browsers (IE 6 and upwards, Firefox/Mozilla or recent versions of Opera), please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll try our best to fix the issue.

So Spake Martin Update

The So Spake Martin collection has been updated with a new report from Boskone, as well as the full text of the Outland interview after Ottakars kindly granted us permission to repost it here.

So Spake Martin Update

The So Spake Martin collection has now been entered into ExpressionEngine. As a result, old links to posts will no longer function, but it will be easier to link to individual posts, as each will have their own unique URL.

Also, new entries have been made in the Correspondence with Fans section covering Vericon and Boskone, as well as a number of additions to Chats, Interviews, Etc. thanks to the Internet Archive.

Art & Gallery Update

The Art section has been updated with information about artists taking commissions for A Song of Ice and Fire art. Examples of their art, including prior commissions, have been added to the Gallery.

Heraldry Update

The Heraldry section of the Citadel has been overhauled. It now uses ExpressionEngine to manage the information about each house, allowing us to easily generate lists of houses based on various criteria.  Some changes have also been made both to the listings (they’re now alphabetic within each region) and the navigation on the pop-ups with house info (it also goes alphabetically, and only within the region that you start your browsing in). We have also decided to add in houses that we don’t yet know the arms and/or the region for, to provide an even more complete listing of houses.

So Spake Martin Update

Reports from GRRM’s signing tour in Canada and Vericon have been placed in the So Spake Martin collection, as well as a couple of new e-mails.

Forum Back Up

The A Song of Ice and Fire forum is now back up again. There was a problem with an update which seems to have resulted in the webserver going down.

Forum Downtime

At the moment, the A Song of Ice and Fire forum is down, and we do not currently know what has gone wrong or when it will be back up. A brief downtime was scheduled for today, as the ISP was upgrading their routers, but as other services on the server in question have now started functioning again, it seems something has gone wrong with the forum. Possibly the webserver went down and hasn’t been restarted yet.

A Ring of Ice and Fire Update

A terrific new art site, using a cartoon/animation-like style, has joined the web ring. There’s some very interesting and unique interpretations of the characters there, and some surprises.

Software Upgrade

Version 1.4 of ExpressionEngine, the excellent content management system we use to handle all the dynamic data on the site, was released today. As some of you may have noticed, we experienced some small problems while upgrading our site, but that has all been fixed now, and we hope to soon be able to take advantage of some of the new features offered in 1.4 to enhance the site further.

By the way, pMachine now offers a free version of ExpressionEngine, called ExpressionEngine Core, and we can really recommend this to anyone looking for a great blogging system. Its more powerful and more flexible than anything else we’ve tried.

Images & So Spake Martin Update

The So Spake Martin collection has been updated with a report from GRRM’s signing in Albuquerque on November 29th, to promote A Feast for Crows. The Images section has been updated with several minor updates to our new map of Westeros (including a speculative scale), plus a greyscaled version of the map to reduce download time for those on slower connections.

Books Update

The Books section of the Citadel has been both reorganized and updated. We have included several more of GRRM’s titles (though we don’t yet have reviews for all of them), and we have reorganized how we present reviews of other books. You will now find several pages of ‘special occasion’ reviews (such as the list of Christmas recommendations, updated just a little while ago) as well as several pages by genre that pull in a random selection of reviews within that specific genre from our personal site.

Images Update

The Images section has been updated with our own map of Westeros. It’s an extremely large image file (about 1 meg in total size) and is complete up through A Feast for Crows. The previous maps of the North, South, and the Land beyond the Wall have now been removed as they are no longer necessary. If you notice any errors, please let us know.

So Spake Martin Update

Reports from GRRM’s signing tour stop in Denver have been placed in the So Spake Martin collection.

Artwork Update

The Artwork section has been updated with a new artist, Abe Papakhian, who has contributed a number of new pieces of black-and-white art, plus an excellent watercolor triptych. He promises more to come, and we’re looking forward to it!