Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Blood of Dragons uses a system similar to what other games refer to as a "roster" system, though the way it is implemented on Blood of Dragons is quite unique as far as we know. It is called the CDB, which is short for Character Database. There are extensive +help files for the CDB on the game itself but this serves as an overview of the system for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a mirror of the public CDB data here on the web as the system was created prior to the addition of mySQL to PennMUSH. Eventually, we hope to be able to convert the data, but for now you will need to login to the game to access the CDB.

An Introduction to the CDB

Blood of Dragons MUSH revolves around the noble families of the Seven Kingdoms and their social and political interactions at the courts of King's Landing and Sunspear. To accomplish a vast web of connected noble families we created family trees for a large number of houses from the Seven Kingdoms. Not everyone's favourite house is represented, we wanted to leave room to expand if necessary, but the result is still well over 2000 characters. This does include living as well as deceased family members, however, so there are not quite as many playable characters. Roughly 50% of the total number seems to be a relatively accurate estimate.

Every character from these family trees has been entered into the CDB which gives players access to a wide variety of crucial functions. Basic information that is set for all characters -- name, age, marital status, etc -- is easily looked up for any character with the +cdb <name> command and additional commands provide access to more detailed information when it exists. The CDB also makes it possible for a player to search for a character to play by entering a string of different criteria such as gender, an age range and region of origin. All the commands are explained on the game in the +help cdb files.

Consistency and Continuity

Apart from making it possible to play the "Game of Thrones" with the support of realistic noble families, full of intricate connections to each other, the CDB also stores vasts amounts of information about various characters, helping the MUSH to maintain a consistent history. All characters start out with just basic information determined but after a character is first CGed, the information entered during the CharGen process as well as any later additions is preserved even if that player abandons the character. By now the CDB consists of a mix of fully fleshed out characters and those with just the most basic details. This greatly helps give both the characters and the game as a whole a sense of history.

Other Resources

While, as noted above, the CDB itself cannot be accessed on the web, several complementary resources are available. The aforementioned family trees allow players to browse for characters by family as well as overview a particular character's relations. More recently we have also added the Profiles wiki which allows players to fill out web profiles for their characters. Finally, we have a gallery of Portraits and we welcome submissions of character art.