Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Learn about notable events that have occurred throughout the Seven Kingdoms in recent years in this year-by-year chronicle. For years preceding the start of the game at the beginning of 158 AC, information is scarcer, but players are invited to submit entries for important events from their backgrounds.


  • 140 AC: A hastilude at Storm’s End.
  • 141 AC: A tourney at Gulltown and ensuing violence.
  • 145 AC: The death of the Master of Coin.
  • 148 AC: Tourneys at Highgarden and Stonehelm.
  • 149 AC: A tourney at Rosby.
  • 151 AC: A tourney on Oakenshield.
  • 153 AC: Tourneys at Riverrun.
  • 154 AC: Tourneys at Pebble and Highgarden.
  • 155 AC: A tourney in Lannisport.
  • 156 AC: Tourneys at Fair Isle, Starfall, King’s Landing, Sandstone, and Lemonwood,  as well as a wedding and tourney at Sunspear.
  • 157 AC: A detailed chronicle of the conquest of Dorne, from Daeron’s ascension to the final push towards Sunspear.
  • 158 AC: Sunspear and its aftermath, both in Dorne and King’s Landing.
  • 159 AC: Efforts to pacify the Dornishmen continue, as the king returns to King’s Landing. A grand tourney takes place to celebrate the king’s great victory. Tensions in the city of King’s Landing due to the Dornishmen lead to violent riots.
  • 160 AC: A guild tourney in King’s Landing, unrest in Vaith, and the results of Ser Lormon Buckler’s expedition into the kingswood.
  • 161 AC: The year begins with turmoil in the realm, as King Daeron prepares to return to Dorne to put down the rebellion.
  • 162 AC: A tourney in Highgarden, a feud, and the slow recovery of the king.
  • 163 AC: The king resumes his role in running the realm after his long recovery from the ardours of his march of penance through Dorne, while in the south trouble assails the Dornish as the Yronwoods raise up arms against the Martells. Towards the end of the year, the Blackwoods and Brackens resume their ancient feud, but members of the royal court come to the riverlands for a wedding take part in bringing it to an end.
  • 164 AC: The feud between the Brackens and Blackwoods comes to its conclusion thanks to the intervention of the Tullys and visiting knights and lords from the royal court, a Dornish embassy reaches the court, and a notorious outlaw joins forces with pirates of the Narrow Sea to seize Stonedance on Massey’s Hook.
  • 165 AC: Stonedance is recovered from the outlaw Red Rhys of the Scourge, but at great cost. Embassies are dispatched by the Iron Throne and Dorne to attempt to win Braavos’s intervention (or lack of it) in the conflict brewing over control of the Stepstones between Pentos, Lys, and their respective allies. The embassies end in debacle, after princes from both realms are caught up in the politics of the Sealord’s court and one of their hosts is assassinated when mistaken for Prince Aegon. House Martell and House Santagar become estranged after a falling out between Prince Cadan and his lady wife, Senara. King Baelor recovers from his latest bout of fasting, and issues new edicts that raise eyebrows, and soon after reveals his intention to swear a septon’s vows.
  • 166 AC: A tourney at Longbow Hall.