Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


1.3.2. Why full consent for an A Song of Ice and Fire game?

We strongly feel that there is nothing in this setting that makes it necessary for the game to be either full consent or non-consent. Good roleplayers can make either work. Our choice of full consent is largely a personal preference but also a part of the kind of atmosphere we want to foster on the game. We want the competitive, cutthroat elements to stay IC and we want players to feel that they are a part of a co-operative gaming experience OOC. Our experience is that this is more easily accomplished in a full consent environment.

That said, full consent as we interpret it—please see
info roleplay consent for the full policy—does not mean players will get away with whatever they feel like. Nor does it mean players can run around being invulnerable super heroes. For example, a +warn command exists to notify another player if their behaviour is likely to lead to serious consequences and if the other player persists in his or her actions, they are consenting to more serious consequences.