Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


1.2.6. Is the world of the MUSH as brutal and dangerous as that of the books?

The time period that the MUSH is set in is not as chaotic and dangerous as the time period of the books. Given this, the risks of someone dying a violent death are smaller than they are in the books, especially now that the war with Dorne is concluded. Our primary focus is on the political and social aspects of the Game of Thrones rather than the full-on battles and the primary struggles between characters are about influence and renown at the two courts. Of course, political feuds can and will occasionally spill over into actual fighting and this is something we aim to stay true to.

We certainly welcome characters that fall anywhere on the spectrum in terms of morality, whether that be mostly white, mostly black or any shade of grey. Bearing in mind that we are focused on the nobility of the Seven Kingdoms, we hope that within that sphere people will try to portray the wide variety of character types we see in the books, including some that are quite far from the shining knights of songs and stories. We are a game for adult players and we do not censor what kind of language is in roleplay or what sort of scenarios that play out, as long as they are appropriate for the setting.

Finally, our policy is that this is a full consent game, albeit with certain caveats for actions that act as consent-limiters. For further information, see info roleplay consent.