Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Advancement Byname

Some characters on the game were given a byname when they were created. If a character was not created with a byname, one can be won in the course of play. If a player feels that their character has ICly earned a byname, and they have 1 SP available, they can spend this on acquiring a byname.

Purchasing a byname is done via +jobs (see +HELP JOBS) and the +job needs to include a written motivation for why the player feels the character has earned a byname. Characters have to have been around and active for some time before a byname can be purchased, so that a case can be made for the byname having been won ICly. Because of this, byname purchases and the bynames themselves are subject to Staff approval.

Approved bynames give a +5 to Fame.

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