Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Advancement Story Points

Story points (SP) are a component of the advancement system, and they can be gained and spent in several different ways.

Gaining SP

Each month, players have a chance to gain SP, based on the votes of other players and on Admin decision. It is rare for more than one SP to be given out per month and some months there may be none at all.

SP are linked to the player. If a player changes characters, they retain any earned SP. If a player is purged, the SP is purged with them, and will not be returned if the same player returns at a later date. Players are also able to request a transfer of SP between alts using +jobs (see +HELP JOBS).

At any given time, a player (across all alts) may only have a total of 3 SP. This is to encourage the use of SP and to ensure no one can store up too much of an advantage. This number may be reduced or increased in the future if we feel it would benefit the system.

Spending SP

SP can be used to significantly influence the outcome of a plot or a scenario. They can, for example, be used to vastly improve ones odds in a tourney, to pull of a feat of arms that would otherwise be beyond the character. They can also be used to get a “lucky break” in various plot scenarios. There is no command for spending SP, instead it is done via +jobs (see +HELP JOBS).

SP are also used in gaining bynames and in tier advancement.

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