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The SYSTEM files contain information about important coded systems on the MUSH. While the Staff of Blood of Dragons feels that roleplay isn’t and shouldn’t be dependant on or controlled by code, we also know that certain coded systems can aid and enhance the roleplaying experience as long as they are always used in conjunction with and never instead of roleplay. Given this, we have created a set of coded systems that we hope will fulfil this ambition.

These files provide in-depth information about those systems that cannot easily be covered in full detail through the +HELP system on the MUSH. You will generally find the actual commands described through the +HELP and then the background information on those systems that require such will be found here.


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- Advancement Assets
- Advancement Byname
- Advancement Experience Points
- Advancement Flaws
- Advancement Intro
- Advancement Nominations
- Advancement Personal Arms
- Advancement Skills
- Advancement Stats
- Advancement Story Points
- Advancement Tier


- CharGen Approval
- CharGen Assets
- CharGen Background
- CharGen Desc
- CharGen Example 1
- CharGen Example 2
- CharGen Finger
- CharGen Flaws
- CharGen Info
- CharGen Intro
- CharGen Justify
- CharGen Overview
- CharGen Prefs
- CharGen Skills
- CharGen Stats
- Combat Intro


- Influence Intro
- Influence Mechanics
- Influence Offices


- Renown Deeds and Misdeeds
- Renown Intro
- Renown Mechanics
- Rumors Guidelines
- Rumors Intro
- Rumors Mechanics


- WeatherTime Descing
- WeatherTime Intro