Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Character Alts

In most cases, a player can have a maximum of two characters on Blood of Dragons, provided that one character is based in King’s Landing and the other in Dorne. With permission from the Admin, players are sometimes able to have more than one character in the same area and/or more than two characters in total.

Obtaining an Alt

To obtain a second character in a different area from the first character no prior permission needs to be sought from the Admin. Instead, a second character is simply requested using the instructions found in +HELP CDB REQUEST. However, some conditions need to be met for the request to be approved. The player has to have played their first character for at least 3 months and it must have been updated regularly in terms of Relations and Events. Requests for a second character may also be denied at the discretion of the Admin if there are other issues that merit such a restriction.

Requests for a second character in the same area as the first and for more than two characters in total are handled on a case-by-case basis. In general, these are only allowed in particular circumstances. For example, a player may be allowed two characters in the same area if one is in a position that offers limited options for day-to-day roleplay. When it comes to having more than two characters in total, the additional characters will often be temporary characters for specific plot purposes. Apart from that, the same rules apply as to second characters. Please see +HELP +ALT for how to request permission for an additional character if you already have two. If permission is given, then see +HELP CDB REQUEST for how to request the creation of this character.

Alt Rules

Type and Tier

Players who already play one character whose Type is Elite, Limited or Restricted, will generally not be able to have a second character that falls under one of these Types. Exceptions can be made, however, a case-by-case basis that looks at the player’s experience and contributions to the game and also at the characters themselves. It may, for example, be acceptable for a player to play one character who is Restricted based on martial prowess and one who is a Restricted based on political influence, but not to play two characters who both are Restricted based on martial prowess or two characters who are both Restricted based on political influence. For the most part, this means that players cannot have two characters whose Tier is higher than IV.


The only specific activity requirements placed on any character (regardless of whether it is a player’s first or second character) are those which come with certain roles. If a player has not lived up to these activity requirements in the past, they may have their request for an alt denied until their activity improves and holds steady for a certain length of time. If an alt has been obtained, players are allowed to connect both characters at the same time, though simultaneous roleplay is generally frowned upon.

More generally, players who have more than one character are expected to keep a similar level of activity on all characters. Having one character that is left to idle for weeks while the player is active on another character is not acceptable.

Contact Between Alts

The main restriction placed on second characters is that you generally cannot play two characters in the same area. However, this rule is one that exceptions can be made from provided that the character concepts are sufficiently different. If you are approved to play more than one character in the same area, it is not required that the character’s be entirely unaware of each other ICly, though it is preferred that they do not interact on a regular basis.

Family members, companions, servants, etc. of your characters are best portrayed by another player or, with Admin permission, through puppets and/or emits. On rare occasions, a player may be approved to play two characters closely associated with each other, but such decisions will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Using one of your characters to pass IC information, money, or other such “commodities” to advance another of your characters is strongly discouraged. However, if a plot calls for it as being strictly IC and necessary, it may be acceptable, though players are advised to consult with the Staff before going ahead with such actions.

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