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Roleplay Travel

Travel times should be kept IC at all times. If you need to go somewhere, or need to send a message somewhere, ask a member of the Staff or use +JOBS (see +HELP JOBS) to submit any questions you might have about how long your trip would take or how long it would be before you could get a response.

To help players better understand travel times, travel times from King’s Landing to a number of key locations in Westeros have been calculated. All durations given depend on optimal, optimistic estimates of travel per day. This table contains three entries, covering four modes of travel: ravens (for messages, calculated at 100 miles per day), horse (small parties travelling lightly, 40 miles per day on major roads, 20 miles per day in more difficult terrain), river barge (60 miles per day), and sea-going ships (80 miles per day). We stress that all estimates are optimistic and rough guides—actual travel times could easily take twice as long in many cases, dependant on conditions. The last entry, for calculated optimal travel route, provides brief descriptions of what the optimal route entails.

                Raven    Horse   Optimal

Casterly Rock    8        24
Castle Black     21       77      56 (Ship to Eastwatch, then 
Dragonstone      4        N/A      6 (Ship)
The Eyrie        6        25      
Gulltown         6        35      10 (Ship)
Highgarden       7        25      17 (Horse to Tumbleton, then
Lannisport       8        24
Oldtown          10       35      26 (Horse to Tumbleton, then
                                      barge to Highgarden, then
Pyke             9        N/A     24 (Ship to Seagard, horse to
                                      Green Fork, barge to
                                      Harroway's Town, then 
Riverrun         6        20      15 (Horse to Gods´ Eye, then
Storm's End      4        13      10 (Ship)
Sunspear         10       54      21 (Ship)
White Harbor     12       46      24 (Ship)
Winterfell       16       52      34 (Ship to White Harbor,
                                      barge to kingsroad, then

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