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House Fowler of Skyreach

A hooded blue hawk on silver

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Fowler from the books.

Family Tree

  • Marcia Fowler (b. 116), Lady of Skyreach, Warden of the Prince's Pass,
    • her consort, {Ser Rufus Dalt} (b. 118), a famous knight, killed by Prince Aemon Targaryen (d. 161),
    • their children:
      • Lanei (b. 137), heir to Skyreach, formerly a hostage at the Red Keep, m Ser Quincy Fowler (b. 137),
        • Lanei's daughter, Ynessa (b. 167),
      • Ser Darion (b. 138), m. Melanna Dayne (b. 141),
      • Lyra (b. 142), a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah Martell, m. Coran Wyl (b. 132), heir to Wyl,
        • (See House Wyl),
        • Lyra's servant, Evona (b. 146), twin to Verona,
        • Lyra's servant, Verona (b. 146), twin to Evona,
      • {Franklyn} (b. 144), a squire killed in Dorne (d. 157),
    • her siblings:
      • {Lord Gerald} (b. 111), Lord of Skyreach and Warden of the Prince's Pass, killed at the Battle of the Rush (d. 157), m. Lady Milona Gargalen (b. 113),
        • {Several stillbirths},
      • Madoc (b. 118), afflicted with a shaking sickness, m. Jaryse Blackmont (b. 122),
        • Madoc's son, Ser Athis (b. 140),
        • Madoc's daughter, Jasmylla (b. 142),
        • Madoc's son, Ser Garmond (b. 146), m. Halera Toland (b.
          • Garmond's daughter, Doncella (b. 168),
        • Madoc's daughter, Galenna (b. 148),
        • Madoc's son, Alekyne (b. 152), a squire,
    • her uncle and cousins:
      • Ser Lambert (b. 90), m. {Ysilla Vaith} (b. 93, d. 146),
        • Lambert's son, {Ser Landon} (b. 112), called Falconhelm, killed at the Battle of the Rush (d. 157), m. Rhona Wyl (b. 116),
          • Landon's son, {Ser Astin} (b. 133), a famous knight, killed in the Battle of Hellholt (d. 157), betrothed to Lanei Fowler (b. 137),
            • Astin's bastard son, Jasper Sand (b. 148), fostered at Vaith (see Vaith),
          • Landon's son, Ser Quincy (b. 137), m. Lanei Fowler (b. 137), heir to Skyreach,
          • Landon's son, Domeric (b. 140), a novice at the Citadel,
          • Landon's daughter, Tamara (b. 143), m. Ser Corrent Gargalen (b. 142),
        • Lambert's daughter, Lady Denyse (b. 115), m. Lord Andrey Blackmont (b. 113),
        • Lambert's daughter, {Leyne} (b. 117, d. 138), called Lightheart, m. {Ser Aethan Dayne} (b. 111, d. 148),
        • Lambert's daughter, Fionalla (b. 125), m. Ser Emrys Jordayne (b. 122),
        • Lambert's son, Ser Roldan (b. 127), master-at-arms at the Tor, paramour of Lady Desylla Jordayne (b. 111),
      • More distant kin:
        • Alyna (b. 132), a distant cousin, assistant to the Keeper of the Sandship (see House Martell),
        • {Ser Cleon} (b. 125), a distant cousin, a rebel killed by Ser Symeon Westerling (d. 161).