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House Allyrion of Godsgrace

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General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Allyrion from the books.

Family Tree

  • Geleria Allyrion (b. 108), Lady of Godsgrace,
    • her consort, {Ser Bayard Vaith} (b. 72, d. 134),
    • their children:
      • Damarya (b. 128), heir to Godsgrace, formerly a hostage at the Red Keep, said to be mad and kept in confinement at Godsgrace, m. Ser Myron Jordayne , estranged from his wife, (b. 127),
        • Damarya's son, Ser Lyron (b. 146), m. Iona Toland (b. 148), under-seneschal of Sunspear,
      • {Two miscarried children},
      • {Mathan} (b. 132), born sickly (d. 135),
    • her siblings:
      • Ser Ballard (b. 99), disowned after attempting to murder his barren wife when the High Septon refused to undo the marriage, a ranger on the Wall, m. {Daleria Gargalen}, (b. 100, d. 154),
        • Ballard's bastard son, Darius Sand (b. 115), more often known as Darius of Valin, called the Chaste, adopted into the orphan family of Valin, captain of the Crusading Tongue, m. Valentyna of Valin (b. 115), of the orphans of Planky Town,
          • Darius's son, Valin of Valin (b. 136),
          • Darius's son, Viktor of Valin (b. 137), captain of the Wavebreaker,
          • Darius's son, Veldrin of Valin (b. 140), captain of the Wind of the East,
          • Darius's daughter, Vorcan of Valin (b. 142),
          • Darius's son, Vorion of Valin (b. 146),
          • Darius's servant, Niko (b. 141),
          • Darius's guard, Locke (b. 104),
          • Dariu's guard, Thorpe (b. 116),
      • {Darce} (b. 101), died in childbed (d. 120), m. {Ser Lewyn Ladybright} (b. 100, d. 157),
        • {A stillborn son},
      • Charissa (b. 102), twin to Larissa, afflicted with madness and confined to a motherhouse in 117,
      • Larissa (b. 102), twin to Charissa, afflicted with madness and confined to a motherhouse in 117,
      • Archmaester Oriel (b. 103), serving at the Citadel,
      • {Lady Nymeria} (b. 107), drowned in a ferry accident while crossing from Vaith to Godsgrace (d. 127), m. {Ser Bayard Vaith}, (b. 72, d. 134),
      • {Ser Aderyn} (b. 109), killed in a raid on the Marches (d. 140), m. Lady Joslena Uller (b. 104),
      • Ser Cullian (b. 112), m. Alma Wyl (b. 118),
        • Cullian's daughter, Jarianne (b. 138),
        • Cullian's son, {Ser Aimery} (b. 139), twin to Ser Aubry, killed while fighting against a mining attempt on Godsgrace (d. 157), m. Maia Gargalen (b. 132),
        • Cullian's son, {Ser Aubry} (b. 139), twin to Ser Aimery, an emissary turned outlaw, sent back to Dorne as a prisoner but lost at sea (d. 165),
        • Cullian's son, Ser Galayn (b. 141), m. Jyalla Wyl (b. 143), his cousin,
          • Galayn's daughter, Alerra (b. 163),
          • Galayn's daughter, Helene (b. 166),
          • Galayn's son, Derryn (b. 169),
        • Cullian's daughter, Allyria (b. 143), m. Ser Valerin Dayne (b. 133), captain of the guards at Sunspear (see House Martell)
      • Cullian's son, Ser Clayton (b. 144), m. Arlene Jordayne (b. 140), heir to the Tor,
      • Cullian's daughter, Elinora (b. 146), studying at a motherhouse in the shadow city,
      • Cullian's son, Godric (b. 150), a squire at Sunspear (see House Martell), betrothed to Ravenna Dalt (b. 152),
    • {A stillborn girl} (b. 119, d. 119),
    • her bastard half-brother, Ser Tarion Sand (b. 119), called the Bastard of Godsgrace, a famous knight, formerly a hostage at the Red Keep,
  • her father, {Lord Orrell} (b. 81), said to have died of grief after disowning his eldest son (d. 126),
  • her mother, {Lady Hallina of House Uller} (b. 82), died in childbed d. (119),
  • her household:
    • {Maester Alwen} (b. 91), counselor, tutor, and healer, dead of the bloody flux (d. 157),
    • Maester Valerion (b. 124), counselor, tutor, and healer (see House Dalt),
    • {Ser Kennon of Godsgrace} (b. 124), called Strong Kennon, a hedge knight in her service, killed by Ser Stevyn Locke (d. 161).