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House Baratheon of Storm's End

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General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Baratheon from the books.

Family Tree

  • Corwen Baratheon (b. 117), Lord of Storm's End,
    • his wife, Lady Leyne of House Mertyns (b. 119),
    • their children:
      • {Andren} (b. 139), died of sickness (d. 141),
      • {Ser Tancred} (b. 142), heir to Storm's End, once betrothed to Lady Valeria Blackmont, found murdered in King's Landing (d. 163), m. Obany Darklyn (b. 139),
      • Ser Arion (b. 144), heir to Storm's End, m. Alys Swann (b. 144), a cousin,
        • Arion's daughter, Elenei (b. 168),
      • Sarya (b. 145), m. Ser Brynden Tully (b. 140),
        • (See House Tully),
        • her handmaid, Sirawen Storm (b. 139),
      • Elyanna (b. 147), called Ready Ely by her siblings,
      • Lyria (b. 155), m. Ser Garen Crakehall (b. 151), heir to Crakehall,
    • his siblings:
      • Ser Sarmion (b. 123), called Stormbreaker, Harbormaster of King's Landing,
        • Sarmion's first wife, {Demerei Morrigen} (b. 126), killed by Dornish raiders (d. 152),
          • {two stillborn children},
        • Sarmion's second wife, Lyrissa Hightower (b.141),
          • Sarmion's son, Caythan (b. 161),
      • Ser Jonald (b. 127), m. Marenda Selmy (b. 128),
        • Jonald's son, Ser Omrys (b. 150), a reeve in King's Landing,
        • Jonald's daughter, Malarra (b. 152),
      • Elanna (b. 132), m. {Ser Jerion Penrose}(b. 130), killed in Dorne (d. 157),
    • his late father, {Lord Davos} (b. 95), allegedly poisoned with his wife (d. 146),
    • his uncles, aunt, and cousins:
      • {Ser Steffon} (b. 83), heir to Storm's End, murdered in a tavern brawl (d. 104),
      • {Lord Borros (b. 85), Lord of Storm's End, killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131), m. {Lady Elenda Caron} (b. 90, d. 143),
        • Borros's daughter, Cassandra (b. 114), one of the Four Storms, m. {Ser Walter Brownhill} (b. 83, d. 157),
          • (Ser Walter's thirteen children by his three previous wives),
          • Cassandra's daughter, Flora Brownhill (b. 136), m. {Ser Farlen Tudbury} (b. 137), killed in Dorne (d. 158),
          • Cassandra's son, Maester Stevron (b. 140), serving at the Citadel,
          • Cassandra's daughter, Ella Brownhill (b. 144},
        • Borros's daughter, Maris (b. 116), one of the Four Storms, a silent sister,
        • Borros's daughter, {Floris} (b. 117), one of the Four Storms, dead in childbed (d. 135), m. {Lord Thaddeus Rowan} (b. 78), Lord of Goldengrove, once regent and Hand of the King (d. 135),
          • {A stillborn son}
        • Borros's daughter, Lady Ellyn (b. 119), one of the Four Storms, m. Lord Benjicot Blackwood (b. 118), called Bloody Ben, Lord of Raventree Hall,
        • Borros's son, {Lord Olyver} (b. 131), Lord of Storm's End, dead of fever (d. 145),
      • {Ser Orys} (b. 98), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131), m. {Simona Fell} (b. 102, d. 153),
        • Orys's son, {Olryn} (b. 118), a squire killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
        • Orys's son, Septon Andrion (b. 120), serving at the sept of King's Landing,
        • Orys's daughter, Lady Kelyce (b. 124), m. Lord Allos Swann (b. 120), Lord of Stonehelm,
          • Kelyce's daughter, Alys Swann (b. 144), m. Ser Arion Baratheon (b. 144), heir to Storm's End, a cousin,
          • Kelyce's son, Gawen Swann (b. 147), heir to Stonehelm,
          • Allos's squire, Artys Templeton (b. 143),
        • Orys's son, Ser Orson (b. 130), the royal huntsman (see House Targaryen), m. Ryone Prester (b. 142),
          • his daughter, Disa (b. 168),
          • his son, Olrys (b. 169),
        • {Lady Maelane}(b. 102), died in childbed (d. 140), m. Lord Bermar Waxley (b. 96),
        • Ser Tarwen Storm (b. 104), a bastard uncle, called the Silver Stag, m. {Ibera Toyne}(b. 110, d. 154),
          • Tarwen's daughter, Lynett Storm (b. 130), m. Ser Eben Bolling (b. 133) (see House Beesbury),
          • Tarwen's son, {Ser Aethan Storm} (b. 132), killed in Dorne (d. 157),
          • Tarwen's son, Ser Genald Storm (b. 136), a member of the house guard of Storm's End,
      • his household:
        • Ser Dickon Connington (b. 132), a household knight.