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House Beesbury of Honeyholt

Three yellow beehives on a black pale on a field paly black and yellow

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Beesbury from the books.

Family Tree

  • Joslon Beesbury (b. 109), Lord of Honeyholt,
    • his wife, Lady Dorna of House Parren (b. 110),
    • their children:
      • {Ser Nicol} (b. 129), a famed knight, dead in the Dornish desert (d. 157), m. Alarra Ryger (b. 127),
        • Nicol's son, Ser Arros (b. 148), heir to Honeyholt,
        • Nicol's twin daughters, Ormaria and Armoria (b. 150),
        • Nicol's son, also Nicol (b. 151), called Little Nick, a squire,
      • Casene (b. 133), m. Ser Benfrey Grafton (b. 126),
      • Nemony (b. 138), m. Ser Ardon Tyrell (b. 133),
    • his natural children:
      • Ser Lymen Flowers (b. 124), called the Bastard of Honeyholt,
      • {Starion Flowers (b. 127)}, called Starveling, a notorious outlaw of the kingswood, hanged at King's Landing (d. 162),
    • his siblings:
      • Ser Malan (b. 112), m. {Crynna Piper} (b. 114), dead in childbed (d. 142),
        • Malan's son, Ser Malard (b.132), friend and companion to Ser Ardon Tyrell,
        • Malan's son, Maester Vann (b. 135), serving at Duskendale (see House Darklyn),
        • Malan's son, Ser Osmon (b. 142),
      • Tylarra (b. 115), forced to take the vows of the silent sisters after being guilty of murdering a pyromancer, m. {Ser Denys Bolling} (b. 113), master-at-arms at the Red Keep (see House Targaryen), killed in the wildfire disaster in the kingswood (d. 174),
        • Tylarra's son, Ser Eben Bolling (b. 133), an officer of the City Watch of King's Landing, m. Lynett Storm (b. 130) (see House Baratheon),
        • Tylarra's daughter, Malla Bolling (b. 137), m. {Ser Chayle Donniger} (b. 125, d. 158),
        • Tyllara's son, Calard Bolling (b. 142), an acolyte at the Citadel,
      • his bastard half-brother, Erwell Flowers (b. 111), a ranger on the Wall,
    • his father, {Lord Alan} (b. 92), died in captivity during the Dance of the Dragons (d. 130),
    • his mother, {Lady Lynett} of House Hightower (b. 92, d. 151).