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House Dayne of Starfall

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General Information

During the Conquest of Dorne, Starfall was occupied by Westerosi forces from the middle of 157 AC until the end of 160 AC when Ser Wallace Chester, who had forcibly married Lady Alia, was killed by his wife.

General information about House Dayne from the books.

Family Tree

  • Alia Dayne (b. 135), Lady of Starfall,
    • her consort, {Ser Wallace Chester} (b. 110) , styled Lord Wallace and wielder of the greatsword Dawn, murdered in his bed by his wife (d. 160),
    • their son:
      • Lyonel (b. 158), disappeared on the day of his father's murder and the uprising of the castle against the king's garrison, not seen since but rumored to have been thrown into the Summer Sea,
    • her siblings:
      • Elysa (b. 136), formerly novice at the motherhouse of Oldtown, assistant to the Keeper of the Tower of the Sun (see House Martell),
        • Elysa's bastard daughter, Rosarya Sand (b. 151), companion to Princess Mariah Nymeros Martell,
      • Ser Aidan (b. 140), her half-brother, called the Knight of the Twilight, formerly a hostage at the Red Keep, a founding member of the Sons of the Spear, m. Aisling Ryswell (b. 140),
        • Aidan's daughter, Amya (b. 170),
        • Aidan's squire, Lewyn Sand (b. 153),
    • her father, {Ser Aethan} (b. 111), killed in a hunting accident (d. 148),
    • her mother, {Leyne Fowler} (b. 117), called Lightheart, dead of an autumn chill (d. 138),
    • her step-mother, Mirielis Jordayne (b. 118),
    • her uncle and aunt:
      • {Lord Aeron} (b. 106), Lord of Starfall, killed at the siege of Starfall (d. 157),
      • Lady Ailys (b. 118), m. {Lord Talfryn Toland} (b. 114), killed at the siege of Ghost Hill (d. 157),
    • her great-uncles, great-aunt, and cousins:
      • {Ser Gerold} (b. 89, d. 152), m. {Marella Manwoody} (b. 91, d. 157),
        • Gerold's daughter, Alays (b. 111), m. {Ser Raynald Blackmont} (b. 112), killed in the Boneway (d. 157),
        • Gerold's son, Ser Alaric (b. 116), once a rebel in the mountains, m. Amrya Qorgyle (b. 120), his cousin,
          • Alaric's son, Ser Corbyn (b. 137), m. Arabella Blackmont (b. 140), a cousin,
          • Alaric's son, Ser Jordan (b. 139), captured at the Planky Town and prisoner for a time at Sunspear, now Castellan of Planky Town (see House Martell), betrothed to Rhialta Santagar (b. 144),
          • Alaric's daughter, Melanna (b. 141), m. Ser Darion Fowler (b. 138),
          • {Two miscarriages},
          • Alaric's son, Ulrick (b. 145), a novice at the Citadel,
        • Gerold's son, Ser Morgan (b. 120), formerly captain of the guard at Starfall, m. Lisette Dalt (b. 123),
          • Morgan's daughter, Martina (b. 140)
          • Morgan's son, Ser Casper (b. 142),
          • Morgan's son, Ser Caswyn (b. 145),
        • Gerold's daughter, {Alanna} (b. 124), drowned while voyaging to Sunspear (d. 138),
        • Gerold's son, Septon Connor (b. 126), a septon who broke his vows, serving the Night's Watch,
          • Connor's bastard son, Mycah Sand (b. 150), formerly squire to Ser Jarvis Sand (b. 135) (see House Vaith,
      • Ser Robin (b. 92), called the Gross, old and fat, former Lord Shariff of Sunspear, m. Briony Drinkwater (b. 98), old and skinny,
        • Robin's daughter, {Robyna} (b. 120), killed by greyscale (d. 124),
        • Robin's daughter, Bryanna (b. 123), a notorious woman, paramour of Emphyria Jordayne (b. 125), called the Green Lady,
        • Robin's son, {Ser Arthur} (b. 125), killed at the Battle of the Rush (d. 157), m. Tara Santagar (b. 126),
          • Arthur's daughter, Azalais (b. 142), a lady-in-waiting to Princess Ariana Martell, paramour of Griffin Gargalen (b. 144),
          • Arthur's son, Ser Alroy (b. 144),
        • Robin's son, Ser Valerin (b. 133), captain of the guards at Sunspear (see House Martell), betrothed to Allyria Allyrion (b. 143),
        • Robin's son, Orivel (b. 135), called Shortfoot after losing half his foot to a shadowcat in his youth, a justiciar at Sunspear (see House Martell),
      • {Lady Ashara} (b. 95), Lady of Sandstone (d. 142), m. Lord Ganlos Qorgyle (b. 92), Lord of Sandstone,
    • her household:
      • Maester Corliss (b. 104), a counselor and healer,
      • {Ser Castor Vaith} (b. 114), a famous knight, master-at-arms, killed at the siege of Starfall (d. 157),
      • {Septon Jowell} (b. 131), executed for refusing to carry out his duties (d. 157),
      • Septon Pepin (b. 125), called Preachfire, disappeared after the murder of Lord Wallace.