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House Dondarrion of Blackhaven

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General Information

The current incarnation of House Dondarrion emerged during the last year of the Dance of Dragons when, in the hopes of providing further support and stability in the relations between Dorne and the rest of Westeros, marriages were arranged between Westerosi and Dornish houses. One of those unions was between Manfred Dondarrion, the current Lord of Blackhaven, and Lady Loreza Yronwood. While perhaps not the most loving or affectionate of marriages, Lady Loreza has given her husband six children: Ser Ryman, Ser Doran, Ser Anders, Audrey, Carmella, and Aliona.

Dondarrions have always taken their duties seriously, whether it be protecting the Boneway (for Blackhaven sits on the northern end of the passage) or following the commands of their liege lord and the throne. When King Daeron came south to begin his conquest of Dorne, Blackhaven was given over to the King for his use as a staging ground for what was to come. The house also provided sons to join the King and venture down the Boneway and into battle. Blackhaven’s knowledge of the Boneway would prove to be invaluable. It is certainly expected that House Dondarrion will strive in the future to do all that is asked of them.

The Dondarrion name is well-known at court in King’s Landing. Lord Manfred’s second son, Ser Doran the Blackbolt, served for a time as a sworn shield to Prince Baelor Targaryen while his second daughter, Lady Carmella, still serves as a lady in waiting to Princess Daena Targaryen. The family is not without its flaws. In slaying Ormond Yronwood at the Carrion Woods Ser Doran became a kinslayer, an act that still haunts him. There is also some concern that Lady Loreza has had too free a hand in raising her children, especially her daughter Carmella (who is said to take after her mother), and that she has tainted them with her Dornish ways.

General information about House Dondarrion from the books.

Family Tree

  • Ryman Dondarrion (b. 131), Lord of Blackhaven,
    • his wife, Lady Arya of House Swann(b. 133),
    • their children:
      • Ryman's daughter, Sharon (b. 152), m. Ser Balon Selmy (b. 150),
      • Ryman's son, Ser Leslyn (b. 155), heir to Blackhaven,
    • his siblings:
      • Ser Doran (b. 133), called Blackbolt, m. Jyrenna Lynderly (b. 137) (see House Pryor),
      • Audrey (b. 136), Ser Ander's twin, m. Ser Robert Penrose (b. 128), heir to Parchments,
        • Audrey's daughter, Raena Penrose (b. 153),
        • Audrey's daughter, Benyssa Penrose (b. 155),
        • Audrey's daughter, Nerra Penrose (b. 156), promised to the Faith,
        • Audrey's daughter, Cara Penrose (b. 159), promised to the Faith,
      • {Ser Anders} (b. 136), Audrey's twin, killed in the wildfire disaster in the kingswood (d. 174), m. Obany Darklyn (b. 139),
        • Anders's son, Manfred (b. 167),
        • Anders's daughter, Olanna (b. 170),
      • Carmella (b. 142),
      • Aliona (b. 144),
    • his father,
    • {Manfred Dondarrion} (b. 110), Lord of Blackhaven, killed by rioting soldiers (d.161),
    • his widowed mother, Lady Loreza of House Yronwood (b. 112),
    • his uncles, aunt and cousins:
      • {Ser Pearse} (b. 112), killed in Dorne (d. 157), m. Barra Melcolm (b. 112),
        • {Numerous miscarriages and stillbirths},
      • Ser Halyard (b. 113), m. {Rosalei Peake} (b. 115), drowned while crossing a ford (d. 150),
        • Halyard's son, {Renly} (b. 135), drowned with his mother (d. 150),
        • Halyard's daughter, {Dalia} (b. 138), drowned with her mother (d. 150),
        • Halyard's son, Ser Aric (b. 141),
        • Halyard's son, Leomar (b. 144), a brother of the Faith,
        • Halyard's daughter, Sarissa Dondarrion (b. 146),
      • Elyssa (b. 114), m. Ser Garth Darry (b. 112),
    • his great-aunt and cousins:
      • Lady Lollys (b. 96), m. {Lord Tomas Cordwayner} (b. 94, d. 142),
        • Lolly's son, {Ser Edryk Cordwayner} (b. 113, d. 148), m. Jenera Butterwell (b. 114),
          • Edryk's daughter, Taena Cordwayner (b. 135), m. Ser Petyr Shermer (b. 132), heir to Smithyton,
            • Taena's son, Aubrey Shermer (b. 153), a squire,
          • Edryk's son, {Lord Damer Cordwayner} (b. 139), Lord of Hammerhal, killed in Dorne (d. 157), m. Gwyn Banefort (b. 140) (see House Arryn),
            • Damer's son, {Edryk Cordwayner} (b. 156), heir to Hammerhal, dead of fever (d. 157),
            • {Infant son, dead before his naming},
          • Edryk's son, Lord Guy Cordwayner (b. 141), Lord of Hammerhal, a knight,
          • Edryk's daughter, Malyssa Cordwayner (b. 143),
          • Edryk's daughter, Tanya Cordwayner (b. 146),
        • Lollys's son, Ser Halbert Cordwayner (b. 114), called the Anvil of Hammerhal, a knight of the Kingsguard,
        • Lollys's daughter, Lady Maylenna Cordwayner (b. 115), once betrothed to {Quenton Hightower} (b. 112, d. 127), m. Lord Lester Cuy (b. 115), Lord of Sunhouse,
          • Maylenna's son, Ser Mandon Cuy (b. 133), heir to Sunhouse, m. {Calla Fossoway} (b. 136), died in childbed (d. 154),
            • Mandon's son, {Emmon Cuy} (b. 153), dead in his cradle (d. 154),
            • {A stillborn son},
          • Maylenna's daughter, Callista Cuy (b. 137), m. {Ser Jaime Blackbar} (b. 135), killed during the Battle of the Blind by Jossart Vaith (d. 157),
          • Maylenna's daughter, {Leyna Cuy} (b. 141), Lady of Tumbleton, died in childbed (d. 165), m. Lord Edger Footly (b. 134), Lord of Tumbleton (See House Staedmon),
          • Maylenna son, Ser Darian Cuy (b. 142), once squire to Ser Ardon Tyrell,
    • his household:
      • Ser Carsten Kellington (b. 115), captain of the guards,
      • Ser Giles Herston (b.127), household knight,
      • Septa Helane (b. 101), companion to Carmella Dondarrion,
      • Melora (b. 137), maid to Carmella Dondarrion,
      • Sariah (b. 139), Dornish maid to Carmella Dondarrion,
      • Eyron (b. 91), called Addlepate, a bard.