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House Fell of Felwood

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General Information

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General information about House Fell from the books.

Family Tree

  • Aimery Fell (b. 145), Lord of Felwood, called the Fell, a famous knight, betrothed to Mylessa Roxton (b. 147) (see House Lannister),
    • his mother, Lady Evalyne of House Tarly (b. 125),
    • his late father, {Lord Armaund} (b. 107), Lord of Felwood, died of lingering injuries received in the Dornish rebellion (d. 164),
      • his first wife, {Lady Asta of House Fossoway} (b. 108), died of illness (d. 140),
      • his bastard son, Mychel Storm (b. 165), fostered at Felwood,
    • his aunts, uncles, and cousins:
      • {Simona (b. 102, d. 153), m. {Ser Orys Baratheon} (b. 98), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
      • {Ser Ammon} (b. 105), heir to Felwood, killed at the Muddy Mess (d. 131), m. Elia Ashford (b. 107),
        • Ammon's daughter, {Ella} (b. 126), dead of illness (d. 129),
      • {Ser Harwood} (b. 110), killed at the Muddy Mess (d. 131),
      • {Glendon} (b. 115), a squire killed at the Muddy Mess (d. 131),
      • Ser Tristan (b. 118), seneschal and heir to Felwood, m. Ravella Caron (b. 120),
        • Tristan's daughter, Syrene Fell (b. 139), married to Ser Arthur Grandison (b. 137), heir to Grandview,
          • Syrene's son, Silas Grandison (b. 156),
          • Syrene's son, Ackard Grandison (b. 159),
          • Syrene's daughter, Arrene Grandison (b. 161),
          • Syrene's daughter, Alyne Grandison (b. 165),
        • Tristan's daughter, Laressa Fell (b. 141), m. Ser Wellard Sunglass (b. 141),
        • Tristan's son, Ser Jared Fell (b. 142),
        • Tristan's daughter, Carella Fell (b. 145),
        • Tristan's son, Arys Fell (b. 150), a squire,
        • Tristan's son, {Dickon Fell} (b. 152), dead of a summer fever (d. 157),
      • his late grandfather, {Lord Jareth} (b. 80), Lord of Felwood, killed at the Muddy Mess (d. 131),
      • his late grandmother, {Lady Lena of House Ashford} (b. 84), dead of the Winter Fever (d. 133),
      • his great-uncles:
        • {Ser Godry} (b. 82), killed at the Muddy Mess (d. 131), m. [Dylla Wendwater} (b. 80), a silent sister in her later years (d. 156),
          • Godry's daughter, Olyssa (b. 97), m. {Ser Conen Mertyns} (b. 92), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
          • Godry's son, {Ser Erryk} (b. 100), killed at the Muddy Mess (d. 131), m. Lynella Wagstaff (b. 104),
            • Erryk's daughter, Septa Sarena (b. 122), devout and pious,
            • Erryk's son, Ser Nolan (b. 125), called the Sot, dissolute and impious but a jouster of some small repute when sober,
              • Nolan's bastard son, Ogden Storm (b. 155), a page at Felwood, twin to Onora
              • Nolan's bastard daughter, Onora Storm (b. 155), a cup-bearer at Felwood,
            • Erryk's son, Ser Elbyn (b. 130), battle-proven but impoverished by his brother's wastrel ways,
          • Godry's son, {Ser Devyn} (b. 104), killed at the Muddy Mess (d. 131),
          • Godry's son, {Ser Redmond} (b. 108), a ranger of the Night's Watch killed fighting wildling reavers (d. 154), m. {Carrina Banefort} (b. 109), dead of the Winter Fever (d. 133),
            • Redmond's son, Ser Kedry (b. 128), a household knight, m. Malin Wensington (b. 130),
              • Kedry's son, Willis (b. 150), a squire,
              • Kedry's son, Kane (b. 154), a squire,
              • Kedry's son, Bryn (b. 160), promised to the Faith,
            • Redmond's son, Maester Arston (b. 131), a counselor, tutor, and healer at the Snakewood,
            • Redmond's daughter, {Malia} (b. 132), dead with her mother from the Winter Fever (d. 133),
        • {Ser Willis} (b. 96), Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, dead of the Winter Fever (d. 133),
      • his late great-grandmother, {Lady Alora} (b. 63), Lady of Felwood, beheaded for refusing to renounce her oaths to Princess Rhaenyra (d. 129).