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House Jordayne of the Tor

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General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Jordayne from the books.

Family Tree

  • Orlyn Jordayne (b. 116), Lord of the Tor,
    • his wife, Lady Alenei of House Qorgyle (b. 115),
    • their children:
      • {Ser Owen} (b. 138), heir to the Tor, killed in battle in the Sea of Dorne (d. 157),
      • Arlene (b. 140), heir to the Tor, m. Ser Clayton Allyrion (b. 144),
        • Arlene's daughter, Aleona Jordayne (b. 164),
        • Arlene's daughter, {Jayne Jordayne} (b. 167), dead in the cradle (d. 167),
        • Arlene's son, Gethan Jordayne (b. 169),
    • his siblings, nieces, and nephews:
      • Mirielis (b. 118), m. {Ser Aethan Dayne} (b. 111), killed in a hunting accident (d. 148),
      • Ser Emrys (b. 122), m. Fionalla Fowler (b. 125),
        • Emrys's daughter, Nyrene (b. 143),
          • her first husband, {Ser Baylon Wyl} (b. 140, d. 160)},
          • her second husband, Ser Leoran Santagar (b. 143),
        • Emrys's son, Ser Darren (b. 147), m. Ranna Drinkwater (b. 148),
          • Darren's son, Danton (b. 168),
        • Emrys's son, Ser Jaran (b. 149),
        • Emrys's daughter, Maerra (b. 153),
      • Ser Derry (b. 125), m. Islene Vaith (b. 122),
        • Derry's daughter, {Idella} (b. 139), killed in a mishap while hunting (d. 164), m. Ser Theobard Wells (b. 137),
          • Idella's daughter, Wynora Wells (b. 157),
          • Idella's son, Tyce Wells (b. 160), a squire,
          • Idella's daughter, Nessa Wells (b. 163), promised to the Faith,
        • Derry's daughter, Synella (b. 142), m. {Ser Wylion Wells} (b. 140), dead of fever (d. 168),
          • Synella's son, Gendry Wells (b. 168),
        • Derry's daughter, Leonette (b. 144), m. Ser Derwen Ladybright (b. 125), called Dour Derwen, an old friend of her father,
          • Leonette's son, Kedry Ladybright (b. 169),
          • {Several miscarriages and stillbirths},
          • Leonette's step-son, Ser Derlyn Ladybright (b. 145), called Dashing Derlyn,
          • Leonette's step-daughter, Yolande Ladybright (b. 150), m. Ser Conran Blackmont (b. 144),
          • Leonette's step-daughter, Arylla Ladybright (b. 154),
          • Leonette's step-son, Jarwyn Ladybright (b. 158), a squire,
          • Leonette's step-daughter, Maria Ladybright (b. 160), who survived her mother,
        • Derry's son, Ser Laryn (b. 149),
        • Derry's son, Gyren (b. 152), an acolyte at the Citadel,
        • Derry's daughter, Dora (b. 154),
        • Derry's son, Derrik (b. 157), a squire,
      • Ser Myron (b. 127), his half-brother, m. Damarya Allyrion (b. 128), heir to Godsgrace, a madwoman,
      • {Lady Tristana} (b. 132), his half-sister, died in childbed (d. 154), m. Prince Marence Nymeros Martell (b. 133),
    • his late father, {Lord Marden} (b. 100, d. 154), Lord of the Tor,
    • his late mother, {Lady Elyce of House Toland} (b. 103), Lady of the Tor, carried away by a tide and drowned while swimming (d. 125),
    • his step-mother, Lady Desylla of House Wells (b. 111), Dowager Lady of The Tor,
      • Desylla's paramour, Ser Roldan Fowler (b. 127), master-at-arms at the Tor,
    • his aunts, uncles, and cousins:
      • Ser Rustyn (b. 103), m. Liera Manwoody (b. 103),
        • Rustyn's son, {Ser Matrim} (b. 120), a famous knight, once a captain of sellswords in the Free Cities, killed by Ser Jaesin Lannister before the Tor (d. 157), betrothed to Aslia Wyl (b. 141),
          • his late wife, {Semerra Paenymion} (b. 123), daughter of a Volantene triarch, dead in childbed (d. 154),
            • {Stillborn twins},
        • Rustyn's son, Ser Royce (b. 122), m. Margaid Blackmont (b. 123), Keeper of the Spear Tower of Sunspear,
          • Royce's daughter, Una (b. 141), m. Rickard Santagar (b. 140), an understeward of Sunspear,
          • Royce's son, Ser Olymer (b. 143), in no hurry to wed,
            • Olymer's bastard son, Gaery Sand (b. 163), by a hostler's daughter,
            • Olymer's bastard daughter, Sarra Sand (b. 163), by the hostler's other daughter,
          • Royce's son, Ser Vincent (b. 145), performing feats of errantry beyond the Red Mountains,
          • Royce's son, Septon Eremon (b. 150),
        • Rustyn's daughter, Nerissa (b. 124), m. Ser Falion Dalt (b. 109),
      • Jaspin (b. 105), steward at the Tor, m. Myanna of Tyrosh (b. 106),
        • Jaspin's daughter, Roslyn (b. 123), m. {Ser Meribald Santagar} (b. 123), killed in the Boneway (d. 157),
        • Jaspin's daughter, Emphyria (b. 125), called the Green Lady, paramour of Bryanna Dayne (b. 123),
        • Jaspin's son, Jayme (b. 130), a sailor and traveler, long away from Westeros,
        • Jaspin's daughter, Maryce (b. 133), m. {Ser Arran Manwoody} (b. 130), killed in battle (d. 157),
        • Jaspin's son Septon Orrys (b. 138), serving at a sept in the shadow city,
      • {Ser Desmond} (b. 106), beheaded for the murder of Ser Eddard Wells (d. 126), first paramour to Mylene Gargalen,
      • Lady Essylt (b. 108), Dowager Lady of Yronwood, m. {Lord Morys Yronwood} (b. 100), killed in at the Carrion Woods (d. 157),
      • Lynette (b. 110), m. Ser Duran Gargalen (b. 108), wed in a hasty ceremony,
    • cousins yet more distant:
      • Ser Barrett (b. 120), a distant kinsman, a justiciar at Sunspear (see House Martell),
      • {Ser Gavyn} (b. 124), a distant kinsman, Ser Barrett's brother, killed near Sourwater by Ser Tancred Baratheon (d. 161),