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House Piper of Pinkmaiden

A dancing maiden pink in a swirl of white silk, on blue (© RMB)

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Piper from the books.

Family Tree

  • Mychel Piper (b. 93), Lord of Pinkmaiden Castle,
    • his first wife, {Lady Wenella} of House Blackwood (b. 92), dead of a winter chill (d. 123),
      • his daughter, {Crynna} (b. 114), died in childbed (d. 142), m. Ser Malan Beesbury (b. 112),
      • his son, Ser Ardros (b. 116), heir to Pinkmaiden Castle, m. Ormana Meadows (b. 118),
        • Ardros's son, Ser Florian (b. 135), m. Arona Vance (b. 139), of Wayfarer's Rest,
          • Florian's daughter, Flora (b. 157), lady-in-waiting to Lady Jannia Buckwell, Lady and regent of the Antlers,
        • Ardros's son, Ser Anton (b. 138), a famous commander, an officer of the City Watch of King's Landing and commander of the Lion Gate (see House Targaryen), m. Melissa Lannister (b. 134),
          • Anton's squire, Edwyn Rosby (b. 148),
        • Ardros's daughter, Ammena (b. 141), m. Ser Bryar Mooton (b. 143), heir to Maidenpool,
          • (See House Mooton),
          • her household:
            • Septa Tynara (b. 119),
            • Rollam (b. 132), her personal guard,
        • {Two miscarried children}
        • Ardros's son, Masart (b. 146), squire to Lord Joscelyn Mallister,
      • his daughter, Aleona (b. 122), m. Ser Bolen Rosby (b. 124), heir to Rosby,
    • his second wife, {Lady Kelis} of House Darry (b. 103), died in childbed (d. 125),
      • his son, Ser Kenron (b. 125), m. {Jenna Massey} (b. 120, d. 153),
        • Kenron's daughter, Galrya (b. 142), betrothed to {Ser Roland Frey} (b. 134), killed in Dorne (d. 158),
        • Kenron's son, Ormer (b. 145), studying to be a septon,
    • his third wife, Lady Domella of House Lefford (b. 110),
      • his son, Ser Kyle (b. 130), called Redsmile, a famous knight, m. Edmaria Erenford (b. 131),
        • Kyle's daughter, {Jonara} (b. 154), died in the cradle (d. 154),
      • his son, {Ser Robyn} (b. 132), killed in Dorne (d. 161), m. Doreth Mallister (b. 130),
        • Robyn's son, Lew (b. 152), a squire,
        • Robyn's son, {Marq} (b. 155), killed in a fall while playing on the battlements of Pinkmaiden,
        • Robyn's son, Jason (b. 157),
      • his daughter, Byra (b. 136), m. Ser Ryon Banefort (b. 131),
        • Byra's daughter, Rya (b. 156),
    • his siblings:
      • {Lord Stanton} (b. 90), Lord of Pinkmaiden, killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
        • Stanton's only son, {Ser Gerald} (b. 110), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
      • Lady Taria (b. 96), once known as the Maid of Pinkmaiden for her beauty, m. {Lord Derik Buckwell} (b. 90), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 130),