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House Qorgyle of Sandstone

Three black scorpions on red

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Qorgyle from the books.

Family Tree

  • Ganlos Qorgyle (b. 92), as fierce as he is blind, Lord of Sandstone,
    • Other Qorgyles and Household Members:
      • Ser Balan (b. 114), Lord Ganlos's son, heir to Sandstone,
        • Balan's first wife, {Eselle Toland} (b. 116), dead soon after the birth of her only child (d. 140),
          • Balan's daughter, Allanys (b. 139),
        • Balan's second wife, Ormane Santagar (b. 141),
    • Jezarra Sand (b. 124), bastard niece to Lord Ganlos Qorgyle.
    • Ser Manfryd (b. 118), Lord Ganlos's son, a famous knight called the Merciful, formerly imprisoned at Ghaston Grey by the order of Prince Marence and freed by the order of King Daeron, formerly paramour to {Princess Coryanne Nymeros Martell} (b. 115, d. 147),
    • Amyra (b. 120), Lord Ganlos's daughter, m. Ser Alaric Dayne (b. 116), once a rebel in the mountains,
    • Ser Gascoyne (b. 123), Lord Ganlos's son, m. Claire Gargalen (b. 125),
      • Gascoyne's son, {Galbert} (b. 142), a squire killed in a skirmish in the Prince's Pass (d. 157),
      • Gascoyne's daughter, Rachelle (b. 146), once a companion to {Cordelia Yronwood} (b. 142, d. 157), and now a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah Nymeros Martell (b. 152),
      • Gascyone's daughter, Margery (b. 148),
    • Ser Quinlan (b. 99), Lord Ganlos's brother, Lord Protector of Dorne (See House Martell), m. {Princess Coryanne Nymeros Martell} (b. 115), killed by a fall (d. 147),
    • Morwen (b. 84), Lord Ganlos's aunt, m. {Ser Harmon Uller} (b. 83, d. 141),
    • {Ser Addam} (b. 136), Lord Ganlos's nephew, killed at the Battle of the Rush (d. 157), m. Gilda Dalt (b. 135),
    • {Ser Edmore} (b. 138), a distant cousin and household knight, killed at Godsgrace by Ser Ermen Frey (d. 161).