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House Rosby of Rosby

Three red chevronels on ermine

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Rosby from the books.

Family Tree

  • Bolen Rosby (b. 124), Lord of Rosby,
    • his wife, Lady Aleone of House Piper (b. 122),
    • their children:
      • Roncianne (b. 142), m. Ser Wynton Celtigar (b. 142),
      • Ormory (b. 146), heir to Rosby, betrothed to Mesella Costayne (b. 149), squire to Lord Athell Connington (b. 109), Lord of Griffin's Roost,
      • Edwyn (b. 148), a squire to Ser Anton Piper (b. 138),
      • Lenylla (b. 150),
      • {Two miscarried daughters},
    • his siblings:
      • Syrianne (b. 123), m. Ser Faren Waynwood (b. 120),
      • {Ser Quenton} (b. 126), a madman and murderer, dead by his own hand (d. 163),
        • Quenton's bastard son, Ser Jeomar Waters (b. 144),
      • {Jomylla} (b. 127), died in childbed (d. 154), m. Ser Yohnen Darklyn (b. 124),
      • Ser Jorone (b. 135),
    • his late father, {Lord Whalon Rosby} (b. 102), Lord of Rosby, called the Jousting Lord, said to have died of grief (d. 164),
    • his widowed mother, Lady Colianne of House Celtigar (b. 104),
    • his uncles, aunt, and cousins:
      • {Lord Mathar Rosby} (b. 100), Lord of Rosby, a man of changable allegiances, executed at the command of Rhaenyra Targaryen (d. 130), m.
        • Mathar's daughter, Janora (b. 117), a silent sister,
        • Mathar's son, {Ser Haric} (b. 123), once heir to Rosby, a sellsword, killed in the Disputed Lands (d. 147),
      • Ser Irwen (b. 106), disowned by his family and long having sold his sword among the Free Cities,
      • {Hemona} (b. 108), lost at sea (d. 142), m. Ser Rorton Estermont (b. 104),
      • Belard (b. 116), steward at Rosby, m. Cynthea Bywater (b. 117),
        • Belard's son, Ser Holtyn (b. 140), an officer of the Warden of Crackclaw Point (see House Targaryen),
        • Belard's daughter, Sallei (b. 141), sent to a motherhouse,
          • Sallei's bastard son, Jarion Waters (b. 156), by either a singer or a hedge knight,
        • Belard's daughter, Olianne (b. 143), a lady-in-waiting at the Red Keep, m. {Ser Janden Melcolm] (b. 140), master of horse (see House Targaryen), killed in the wildfire disaster in the kingswood (d. 174),
    • his household:
      • Ser Timmet Brune (b. 138), a household knight,
      • Maester Gram of House Sunglass (b. 120), counselor, tutor, and healer.