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House Royce of Runestone

Black iron studs on bronze, bordered with rune

General Information

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General information about House Royce from the books.

Family Tree

  • Andar Royce (b. 109), Lord of Runestone
    • his wife, Lady Ursula of House Ruthermont (b. 110), a noted beauty in her youth,
    • their children:
      • Ser Gunthor (b. 131), heir to Runestone, m. Anwyn Bracken (b. 132),
        • Gunthor's son, Ser Otho Royce (b. 150), officer of the City Watch of King's Landing and commander of the River Gate (see House Targaryen), betrothed to Elyne Lefford (b. 150),
        • Gunthor's daughter, Dancy (b. 153),
        • Gunthor's son, Yohn (b. 156), a page,
        • Gunthor's daughter, Myra (b. 159), promised to the Faith,
        • Gunthor's son, Gerrick (b. 162),
      • Ser Waymar (b. 136), a famous knight, called the Rune,
        • his first wife, {Elly Sunderland} (b. 135), died in childbed (d. 163),
          • {Numerous miscarriages and still-births},
          • Waymar's daughter, Elly (b. 163), born sickly but now thriving,
        • his second wife, Adya Bar Emmon (b. 145),
      • Ser Cason (b. 140), betrothed to Demerei Belmore (b. 145),
      • Ser Ryckard (b. 143), m. Lady Gwneda Redfort (b. 142), Lady of Redfort (see House Pryor),
      • Isabel (b. 145), a famous beauty called Brightrune, m. Ser Conrad Arryn (b. 130), the royal steward (see House Targaryen),
    • his siblings, nieces, and nephews:
      • Ser Brendan (b. 115), m. Arria Upcliff (b. 117),
        • Brendan's son, Ser Gedry (b. 136), m. Rienne Coldwater (b. 136),
          • Brendan's daughter, Jeyne (b. 161),
          • Brendan's son, Ector (b. 163),
      • {Berra} (b. 118), Alyssa's twin, dead of illness (d. 126),
      • Lady Alyssa (b. 118), who once hoped to wed a king, twin to Berra, m. Lord Raymun Fossoway (b. 117), Lord of Cider Hall,
        • Alyssa's son, Ser Kedry Fossoway (b. 135), heir to Cider Hall, m. Myrielle Tarly (b. 140),
          • Kedry's daughter, Liera Fossoway (b. 161),
          • Kedry's daughter, Kalianne Fossoway (b. 163),
        • Alyssa's son, Ser Franklyn Fossoway (b. 137), a famous knight, m. Daella Chester (b. 140),
          • Franklyn's son, Alfryd Fossoway (b. 157), a page at Highgarden (see House Tyrell),
          • Franklyn's son, Stevron Fossoway (b. 160),
          • Franklyn's daughter, Mora Fossoway (b. 162),
          • Franklyn's son, {Mason Fossoway} (b. 165), born sickly and soon dead (d. 166),
        • Alyssa's daughter, {Mathany Fossoway} (b. 140), dead in childbed (d. 162), m. Ser Brastyn Footly (b. 139),
          • Mathany's son, Philip Footly (b. 162),
        • Alyssa's son, Ser Breyer Fossoway (b. 144), called the Vigorous by some, the Fruitful by others,
          • Breyer's bastard son, Pate Flowers (b. 160), by a serving girl,
          • Breyer's bastard son, Wat Flowers (b. 160), by a different serving girl,
          • Breyer's bastard daughter, Violet Flowers (b. 160), by a disgraced septa,
        • Alyssa's son, Forley Fossoway (b. 146), sickly and weak, an acolyte of the Faith in King's Landing,
        • Alyssa's daughter, Lady Arrene Fossoway (b. 149), m. Lord Edger Footly (b. 134), Lord of Tumbleton (See House Staedmon),
        • Alyssa's son, Lendry (b. 153), a squire,
        • {Several miscarriages},
    • his late father, {Lord Guncer} (b. 89), Lord of Runestone (d. 145),
    • his late mother, {Lady Yenna of House Sunderland (b. 88),
    • his uncles and cousins:
      • {Ser Brandon} (b. 93), killed in battle (d. 134), m. {Edrise Redfort} (b. 94) dead of the Winter Fever (d. 132),
        • Brandon's son, Ser Arlon (b. 111), master-at-arms at Runestone, m. Jathany Torrent (b. 111),
          • Arlon's daughter, Kerelle (b. 130), m. {Ser Eddard Wydman} (b. 132), killed in Dorne (d. 157),
            • Kerelle's son, Ser Elbyn Wydman (b. 148), a household knight,
            • Kerelle's daughter, Arelle Wydman (b. 152), betrothed to Ser Merton Upcliff (b. 144) (see House Corbray),
            • Kerelle's daughter, Unella Wydman (b. 155), promised to the Faith,
            • Kerelle's son, Eddard Wydman (b. 157), promised to the Faith,
          • Arlon's son, Ser Artos (b. 134), a ranger of the Night's Watch,
          • Arlon's son, Ser Leynard (b. 138), captain of the guard at Runestone, m. Elanei Lynderly (b. 140) (see House Pryor),
            • Leynard's daughter, Karyn (b. 157),
            • {Several miscarriages},
          • Arlon's son, Ser Odwell (b. 140), an officer of the City Watch of Gulltown, m. Elesa Arryn (b. 143), of the Gulltown branch,
            • Odwell's daughter, {Lyanna} (b. 164), dead of illness (d. 166),
        • Brandon's son, {Yohn (b. 114), a squire, dead of the Winter Fever (d. 132),
        • Brandon's daughter, Septa Olana (b. 116), head of the Motherhouse of Maris in Gulltown,
        • Brandon's daughter, {Falora} (b. 121, d. 160), m. {Ser Cendrick Errol} (b. 120, d. 172), steward of Haystack Hall,
          • Falora's son, Ser Cedric Errol (b. 148),
          • Falora's daughter, Falena Errol (b. 159),
          • {Numerous miscarriages and stillbirths},
        • Brandon's son, Ser Allory (b. 125), castellan of Rook's Rest, m. Nella Staunton (b. 128),
          • Allory's daughter, Sanora (b. 150),
          • Allory's daughter, Moryssa (b. 153),
          • Allory's son, Allard (b. 155), a squire,
      • Septon Selard (b. 98), Most Devout,
      • {Ser Larson} (b. 105, d. 163), m. Cerana Banefort (b. 106)
        • Larson's daughter, {Jeyne} (b. 123), dead of the Winter Fever (d. 132),
        • Larson's daughter, Esse (b. 126), m. Ser Trenton Brax (b. 124),
        • Larson's son, Ser Derrett (b. 130), m. Jenei Bracken (b. 134),
          • Derrett's son, Adden (b. 151), a novice at the Citadel,
    • his household:
      • Ser Arlon Royce (b. 111), a cousin, master-at-arms at Runestone,
      • Ser Leynard Royce (b. 138), Ser Arlon's son, captain of the guard,
      • Maester Peregrin (b. 100), counselor, tutor, and healer.