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House Saltcliffe of Saltcliffe

A nine-headed serpent, black on silver

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Saltcliffe from the books.

Family Tree

  • Lord Ralf Saltcliffe (b. 118), Lord of Saltcliffe, captain of the Black Fang,
    • his wife, Lady Rina of House Merlyn (b. 120), devoted to the Faith,
    • their children:
      • Tanda (b. 138), m. Boremund Harlaw (b. 140),
      • Ser Dagur (b. 140), called the Iron Serpent, disinherited by his father, a hero of the Conquest, Admiral of the Royal Fleet, m. Reyna Tyrell (b. 136), called the Silver Rose, Mistress of Keys to Princess Naerys Targaryen,
        • Dagur's son, Thoryn (b. 159),
        • Dagur's daughter, Rhiannyn (b. 160),
        • Dagur's son, Aeron (b. 163),
        • Dagur's daughter, Carys (b. 169),
        • Dagur's bastard daughter, Astryd Pyke (b. 156), a novice at a motherhouse,
        • Reyna's lady-in-waiting, Irena Marbrand (b. 142),
        • Reyna's lady-in-waiting, Miranda Fossoway (b. 144), Mellony's twin,
        • Reyna's lady-in-waiting, {Mellony Fossoway} (b. 144), Miranda's twin, killed by Sullehman Saan (d. 162),
      • Roryn (b. 142), heir to Saltcliffe, betrothed to Calynne Westerling (b. 142), a widow,
      • {Gran} (b. 143), killed by greyscale (d. 143),
      • {Sawane} (b. 145), struck by lightning and killed (d. 157),
      • Perra (b. 150),
      • Rodmar (b. 152),
    • his siblings:
      • {Lady Gysella} (b. 114), died in childbed (d. 143), m. Lord Harrag Botley (b. 110),
        • Gysella's daughter, Belona Botley (b. 134), m. Kemmett Volmark (b. 132),
          • {A stillborn son},
        • Gysella's son, Rafe Botley (b. 138), heir to Lordsport, captain of the Sea Horse,
          • Rafe's bastard daughter, Alla Pyke (b. 155),
        • Gysella's daughter, Mera Botley (b. 140),
        • Gysella's son, {Harren Botley} (b. 143), drowned during a ceremony of the Drowned God (d. 154),
      • {Stavryn} (b. 120), killed in a brawl (d. 140),
      • Alvyn (b. 121), called Ironmonger, a notorious pirate and raider, captain of the Iron Price, m. Wylla Volmark (b. 123),
        • Alvyn's son, Romny (b. 138), captain of the Defier,
          • Romny's bastard son, Rus Pyke (b. 157),
        • Alvyn's son, Gunnar (b. 140), a servant of the Drowned God,
        • Alvyn's daughter, Steffaria (b. 142),
      • Lucan (b. 124), called the Crab, a priest of the Drowned God,
    • his household:
      • Maester Ebbeson (b. 107), counselor, tutor, and healer,
      • Norfryd Pyke (b. 114), master-at-arms, captain of the Bastard Sword,
      • Erik Farwynd (b. 121), called Longknife, captain of the guard, captain of the Blind Lord.