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House Swyft of Cornfield

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General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Swyft from the books.

Family Tree

  • Ingram Swyft (b. 116), the Knight of Cornfield, called Bluespur,
    • his wife, Lady Elle of House Farman (b. 123),
    • their children:
      • Ser Lymond (b. 143), heir to Cornfield, m. Alle Grafton (b. 146),
      • Ser Harys (b. 145), a shy youth often called Mumble, m. Lena Mallister (b. 153),
      • Hamina (b. 147), m. Merys Lydden (b. 142), heir to the Deep Den,
    • his siblings:
      • Ser Gawane (b. 117), Belanna Goodbrook (b. 117) (see House Meadows),
        • Gawane's son, Ser Sheldon (b. 137), who served in Dorne during the Conquest,
        • Gawane's daughter, Ibera (b. 142),
        • Gawane's daughter, Samalla (b. 144),
        • Gawane's son, {Clemon} (b. 146), a squire killed in Dorne (d. 157),
      • Lady Hemona (b. 122), m. Lord Jeron Melcolm (b. 110),
      • {Ser Loren} (b. 125), killed in Dorne (d. 157), m. Amaena Hollard (b. 126),
        • Loren's son, Ser Conen (b. 144),
        • Loren's daughter, Bonessa (b. 145),
        • Loren's daughter, Ramera (b. 149), a novice of the Faith,
      • Maelane (b. 127), m. {Ser Ryck Westerling} (b. 124), a famous knight killed at Godsgrace (d. 161),
      • Arric (b. 130), a builder on the Wall,
    • his father, {Ser Tommard} (b. 98, d. 143),
    • his widowed mother, Lady Falyse of House Reyne (b. 102),
    • his uncles, aunt, and cousins:
      • {Ser Eddon} (b. 100), murdered by a serving woman (d. 147), m. Orena Foote (b. 100),
        • Eddon's daughter, Moranne (b. 120), Ser Leobald Mertyns (b. 115),
        • Eddon's daughter, Ilenna (b. 129), m. Ser Urlon Coldwater (b. 121), called the Stray, a famous knight,
        • Eddon's daughter, {Elene} (b. 132), died in childbed (d. 150), m. Ser Yorwick Garner (b. 127),
          • {A stillborn daughter},
        • Eddon's son, Ser Andren (b. 135), a young knight of good repute,
        • Eddon's bastard son, Hathis Hill (b. 142), a builder on the Wall,
        • Eddon's bastard son, Ryston Hill (b. 146), a novice at the Citadel,
      • Milerra (b. 104), m. {Ser Adon Crane} (b. 100, d. 150),
      • Maester Erryk (b. 106), serving at White Harbor (see House Manderly).
  • his household:
    • his squire, Endrew Corbray (b. 149),