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House Tully of Riverrun

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General Information

General information about House Tully from the books.

Family Tree

  • Kermit Tully (b. 112), Lord of Riverrun,
    • his wife, Lady Tinessa of House Vance (b. 114), of Wayfarer's Rest,
    • their children:
      • Melene Tully (b. 133), m. {Ser Desmond Darry} (b. 125), heir to Darry, killed in Dorne (d. 158),
      • Ser Edmure Tully (b. 135), heir to Riverrun, m. Simona Corbray (b. 140),
        • Edmure's daughter, Lysa (b. 157),
        • Edmure's son, Edmund (b. 164),
        • Edmure's daughter, Molianne (b. 167),
        • Simona's lady-in-waiting, Bessa Hunter (b. 143),
      • Ser Brynden Tully (b. 140), captain of the Eye of the Storm, officer in the Sea Watch of King's Landing (see House Targaryen), m. Sarya Baratheon (b. 145),
        • Brynden's son, Patrek (b. 164),
      • Andrya Tully (b. 142), m. Ser Willard Ryger (b. 141),
      • Jannia Tully (b. 145), Lady of the Antlers, m. Lord JarmonBuckwell (b. 136),
      • Toren Tully (b. 146), squire to his brother Ser Brynden,
    • his siblings:
      • Ilyse (b. 114), called the Cloakless, a silent sister, once betrothed to {Ser Ellard Rogers} (b. 114), called Ambercloak, killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
      • Ser Oscar (b. 115), a famous knight, once leader of a sellsword company,
      • his bastard half-brother, {Ser Tomas Rivers} (b. 124), called the Bastard of Riverrun, a renowned warrior, killed in the wildfire disaster in the kingswood (d. 174), m. Ronessa Frey (b. 133),
        • Tomas's son, Ser Hothor Rivers (b. 147), once his father's squire, master-at-arms at the Antlers (House Buckwell),
        • Tomas's daughter, Walda Rivers (b. 150),
    • his father, {Lord Elmo} (b. 88), dead of illness (d. 131),
    • his uncles, aunt, and cousins:
      • {Ser Steffon} (b. 94, d. 156), m. Elona Lefford (b. 100),
        • Steffon's daughter, {Marianne} (b. 123), died in childbed (d. 150), m. Bryne Grell (b. 120), steward of Riverrun,
          • Marianne's son, Ser Jostyn Grell (b. 141), once Ser Edmure's squire, a customs sergeant in King's Landing,
          • Marianne's son, Galbar Grell (b. 144), a squire,
          • Marianne's twin daughters, Dalla and {Della Grell} (b. 150), the latter dead of stoneskin (d. 152),
        • Steffon's son, {Ser Simon} (b. 125), killed in a brothel brawl (d. 149),
          • Simon's bastard daughter, Elonne Rivers (b. 144), lady-in-waiting to Pennei Massey,
        • Steffon's son, Ser Harstyn (b. 130), a former member of the house guard, knighted after the Carrion Woods, Deputy Harbormaster of King's Landing, m. Eldacey Wode (b. 136),
          • Harstyn's son, Steffon (b. 156),
        • Steffon's daughter, Septa Osmeria (b. 133), a tutor to the Targaryen princesses,
      • Ser Darmen (b. 100), who killed {Ser Borick Strong} (b. 93, d. 124), called the Beast of Harrenhal, in a trial by combat, m. {Serelle Serrett} (b. 103), raped and murdered by Ser Borick (d. 124),
        • Darmen's former squire and now retainer, Ser Moris Mallister (b. 145),
        • Darmen's squire, Clyve Bracken (b. 148),
      • Lady Neria (b. 104), m. {Lord Orstos Hawick} (b. 100, d. 140), called the Golden,
    • his household:
      • Bryne Grell (b. 120), steward of Riverrun,
      • Ser Anson Grell (b. 98), Bryne's father, master-at-arms,
      • Ser Josua Paege (b. 109), captain of the guard,
      • Jorin Darry (b. 149), a squire.