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Ammon Massey


In Brief

Ammon was born in 136 AL, the third surviving son of Lord Allard Massey of Stonedance. He was a big, strong youth and took easily to the martial arts: except for horses; Ammon had a fear of the beasts as a boy and never developed into an exceptional rider.

If Ammon took easily to fighting, he took to music even easier. Raised on tales of valor and heroism, Ammon delighted in sharing these stories with his family: his youngest sister, Doryssa, in particular.

But over the years, something changed. Ammon served three men as squire: his uncle, Ser Tymos Rogers; Ser Danwell Ryger; and Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, the Iron Serpent. During those years, Ammon refused knighthood three times.

And when he finally took up his spurs, it was over the decaying corpse of his favorite sister.




Notable Events

23-01-136: Ammon is born in Stonedance.
05-06-148: Ammon becomes squire to his uncle, Ser Tymos Rogers.
20-05-153: A tourney at Lannisport for Jaesin Lannister’s nameday. Ammon is unhorsed by Jaesin in the very first tilt, but performs well in the melee. Ser Tymos offers knight, but Ammon refuses by saying he is not ready.
12-07-153: Returning to Amberly through the Kingswood, Ammon’s party is attacked by the robber knight, Ser Colton Buckler. Ser Tymos and his son, Ser Waltyr, are killed. Ammon is the sole survivor.

Social & Political Affiliations

Significant Relations

Allard Massey: his estranged father; the lord of Stonedance.
Benther Estermont: his cousin and squire.
Dagur Saltcliffe: called the Iron Serpent; a knight of the Iron Island; Warden of Crackclaw Point; who took Ammon to squire when no other would have him, knighted him and offered him a place in the Crackclaw Company.
{Doryssa Massey}: his youngest sister; captured and murdered by the pirate Sullehman Saan.
Galan Lannister: called the Green Lion; a knight of the Westerlands; who was once negotiating to marry Doryssa but has become Ammon’s enemy since her death.
Sullehman Saan: a pirate and slaver; the self-styled “Prince of the Narrow Sea”; who captured and killed Doryssa, and attacked a hunting party in the forest around Storm’s End; who met Ammon in single combat, and defeated him, which did nothing to improve their relationship.

From Roleplay

Memorable Quotes

Speaking with his father after Doryssa’s death: “I expect I will make you proud of me soon enough, father—the Stranger seems intent on bringing Saan and I together. Once more will tell, I should think, one way or the other. And if there is some poetry in you, and you find it stirring as you stand over my bones, I would ask you to do me one small kindness: Say nothing.

Selected Logs

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