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Bryon Waynwood


In Brief

A knight of smaller than normal stature, his nose and cheeks bear freckles over ruddy skin. A streak of white grows from tousled brown hair. His sky-grey eyes tell that he is no less a challenge and his stance shows a man sure of himself. He wears a distant look and the shadow of a smile.


Ser Bryon Waynwood has the look of a knight younger than his years, though his years as a knight have left their mark on him. His wind-burnt skin is dusted with a smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose and cheeks. A faint scar runs from just above his left eyebrow to disappear into a thick mass of rich brown hair. A shock of white grows from where the scar disappears into his hairline. The corners of his mouth quirk up in the hint of an eternal smile. Ser Bryon’s storm-grey eyes are fierce in their focus and speak wordlessly of conflict and struggle; the faintest tracings of stress-induced crow’s feet have begun at their corners.



Ser Bryon Waynwood is the youngest son of Wayland and Serylla Waynwood of Ironoaks Castle in the Vale. In his youth, Bryon Waynwood served his eldest brother, Ser Armond, as a squire, despite his diminutive stature. Besides his height, he was also known for his quick wit and his pleasant singing voice. As he grew older, Bryon grew quite skilled at riding a horse and shooting a bow. At the age of nineteen, Bryon saved his eldest brother from an attacking clansman with a well-placed arrow. He was knighted shortly thereafter.

      Ser Bryon served under the command of Oakenfist during the war against Dorne along with his brother, Ser Alyn. He was known among his fellow knights as “Ser Bryon the Babe” and was known to be good natured, often singing songs or making japes to lift the spirits of knights and footmen alike. He fought admirably at the First and Second Battles of Planky Town as well as during the destruction of the harbor at Lemonwood. He was one of the few survivors of the attack against Oakenfist’s encampment where he took a head wound. Thereafter, he served under King Daeron during the investment at Godsgrace. He was instrumental as a messenger to Oakenfist and Lord Arryn before the Second Battle of Planky Town, riding horse for two days straight in order to warn the fleet on the Greenblood of a possible attack.

      After the war, Ser Bryon sailed with a ship to deliver hostages from Planky Town, to Sunspear and on to King’s Landing. It is said that after receiving new of Ser Alyn’s death, he broke his own sword upon an anvil out of grief. Some took to calling him “Ser Bryon the Broken” from then on, partly due to his sword and partly due to the arms of House Waynwood, a broken wagon wheel on a green field. After performing his duties in King’s Landing, Ser Bryon returned home to Ironoaks Castle. He stayed no more than a moon’s turn before heading out again, journeying through the Vale and down the Kingsroad until eventually arriving at King’s Landing.

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