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Caitrin Blackmont


In Brief

On the surface, Caitrin Blackmont seems to be merely the wild elder daughter of Ser Perrin Blackmont, family black sheep and willful to the point of self-destructiveness. But there is more to this broken young lady than meets the eye. More fragile than most people know, Caitrin nonetheless wields a shrewd intellect and is capable of keen observance of all that goes on around her. She is often frustrated by her gender, as it keeps her from being taken seriously by the powerful men around her.

Where Laurent Dalt, her husband, is concerned, she is utterly irrational. Her reliance on him is bone-deep and probably unhealthy. When, in typical self-destructive fashion, she bedded her own uncle and was put aside, her numerous suicide attempts were foiled only by the intervention by careful watchers. Only when he took her back—conditionally—did she begin to emerge from the black despond her own actions plunged her into.


Caitrin is accounted a great beauty by many in Dorne. She is fine-featured and well-endowed since her twins were born, though she has scars on her arms and more hidden. She has hair black as night, save for a single snow-white lock at her left temple, which she often wears beaded.


She has the ability to be compassionate, but in general, Caitrin is impatient with stupidity and does not like to be bored. She is at her best when her mind is engaged and someone is actually listening to what she is saying. She has an inclination to flirtatiousness, but she never plays the coquette—she is quite open in her own opinions, and never speaks merely to flatter.  She is blunt to the point of brutality, and her greatest fear is ending up a vapid court lady with nothing better to do than sew pillows.


Following the Submission of Sunspear, Caitrin’s grief over her cousin Alays murder at Blackmont drives her hatred of the Westerosi occupiers. She goes to the streets of the shadow city, where she whores for information, learns to wield a short blade, and generally makes herself a nuisance for the conquerors.  When the rebellion breaks out, she dresses as a boy and follows Laurent Dalt to war. She stays with him throughout the conflict and while she does not go into battle (on purpose), plays whatever role she can in fighting off the invaders.  She is terribly injured at war’s end when the crumbling walls of Godsgrace give way beneath her feet, and she will battle pain and fragility for the rest of her life.

On her return to Sunspear, she takes Laurent for a paramour. When she becomes pregnant, and after a messy separation, the two finally marry and their twins, Ronyn and Gemma, are trueborn. But the condition of her body after Godsgrace made her pregnancy very difficult, and she stops breathing after giving birth. Laurent revives her, but she is never quite the same after. Following another very messy separation and several suicide attempts after bedding her Uncle Baduin, she and Laurent live mostly apart from one another, though this state of affairs is slowly correcting itself and he spends more time with her and the twins in their shadow city manse.

To her pleasure, the Baduin affair did yield one positive outcome: her father finally agrees to give her some role in court affairs, and she is appointed her grand-father’s assistant. She is thriving in this role, and seems happier than she has in a long time with husband, babies, and a part to play that engages her mind.

Notable Events

06-02-161 Dressed as a bumboy, Caitrin runs off to war with Laurent Dalt.

23-03-161 Following a massive battle during which Caitrin was knocked senseless while attempting to leave the field of battle, she is taken prisoner by Daeron’s force with a number of other injured Dornish. She is brought before the king, and when she cries out in pain, is recognized as Caitrin Blackmont by one of the Dornishmen held nearby. With her identity—and her sex—revealed, the King is moved to mercy, and orders her to return to Sunspear to carry his command to Marence to end his rebellion. In return, she offers to perform an unnatural sex act on him, seeing as she is on her knees; for this outrage, she is made to watch as ten Dornishmen, including the one who recognized her, have their throats cut and are dumped into the pit they dug themselves. Daeron sends her away with two guards, who treat her very ungently—when she returns to Dalt’s camp, she has been raped and beaten, and it will be many days before she is herself again. Hereafter, she no longer pretends to be a boy.

21-06-162 Caitrin weds Laurent Dalt. She is pregnant at the time.

05-10-162 Caitrin’s twins are born—a son, Ronyn, and a daughter, Gemma. Following the difficult and long labor, Caitrin dies. She is revived by Laurent and ever after has a lock of white hair.

28-11-162 For no reason she can explain, Caitrin beds her own uncle, Baduin Santagar. Laurent casts her out of his home, and she spirals into depression. Her first suicide attempt is an opening of her veins from elbow to wrist with a shard of mirror glass. Her second is a nearly-successful attempt to leap from one of the Spear Tower windows. Her third—though she insists this was not actually an attempt at suicide—is disappearing into the desert beyond Sunspear. Following this attempt, she and Laurent reconcile, though they continue to live apart most of the time.

Social & Political Affiliations

Assistant to the Seneschal of Sunspear
Occasional Assistant to Prince Cadan Martell

Significant Relations

Ser Perros Blackmont, Seneschal of Sunspear
Ser Perrin Blackmont, Keeper of the Sandship
Ser Laurent Dalt, Castellan of the Planky Town

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