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Daena Targaryen


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A riotous mane of silvered and gilded locks tumble down her back, rarely restrained in any fashion. Framed by silken curls that gleam as if they had been spun from precious metals, the heart-shaped form of her face is underlined and the blend of sharpness and nobility that marks her strong features is further emphasized. Between high, widely set cheekbones a pair of startling purple eyes sparkle like amethysts, bright with boldness and laughter, and beneath a nobly formed nose her wide lips are more often than not curved into a reckless smile. Sleek and lithe, her youthful form is more athletic than womanly, with boyishly slim hips, but while she may look her age she carries herself with confidence and poise that far exceeds it.

Garbed, as has become her custom since her wedding, all in purest white, she wears a fine samite gown that appears intended for the outdoor activities that she enjoys so much. A shallow neckline sweeps from shoulder to shoulder in a gentle curve, capping a closely fitted bodice that follows her shape down to just past her slim hips. White silk ribbons lace it up in front, and matching ribbons also lace up the long sleeves, from her wrists to her elbows. The skirt is wide, flowing from her hips to her ankles and falling in deep folds about her slim legs, and the excess of material almost hides that in front it is slashed open from the hemline to well past her knees. Below it, a pair of supple breeches of white leather are worn as well as white boots suitable for riding. A white leather belt girds her narrow waist and about her neck she wears a golden pendant in the shape of a three-headed dragon.



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