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Desmona Blackwood


In Brief

Desmona Blackwood was born in the year 142 since Aegon’s Landing, to Lord Andros Blackwood and Lady Esme Baratheon. She currently resides in King’s Landing, or at the side of her mistress, Queen Daena Targaryen, as she travels.


She stands tall and proud, of a height to look most men in the eye. Raven’s-wing hair is braided in intricate designs, a silver chain set with black spinels, pigeon’s-blood rubies, and matched-size pearls twining its way throughout the mass of shadow. Eyes blue as the rivers that course her beloved Riverlands look out from a cream-pale skin, her lips of frost-touched rose pressed together in a solemn expression occasionally crossed by a polite smile.

Her gown is two-part, an undergown of crimson strewn with the white branches of a tree, upon which small black ravens in flock perch, their eyes small dark chips of onyx glittering in the light. The overgown is silk shot of red and black, and pinned together with a brooch wrought in the shape of a raven, eyes of diamond.


A woman well versed in the duties and courtesies of conversation, whose somewhat proper and polite attitude blends with a reserved and occasionally sullen disposition. Desmona is of a reserved and composed nature, prone to being somewhat moody and even sour if things do not go her way - but in company she will still maintain the proper, polite attitude. She has an innate curiosity about people and places, and will do much to keep a conversation going. She is respectful of authorities, especially those of her own family, placing great weight on their advice. She occasionally has a somewhat suspicious approach to life and generally has a rather high opinion of her own capabilities. In some cases, though, she would loosen up and not be afraid to learn or admit to her own shortcomings or mistakes.

She is a fine rider and especially enjoys falcon hunting. She likes the luxury of silk clothes and the comfort of a fine home and more like a true lady, perhaps, she dislikes brashness and likes eloquence. She has a strong dislike for Dorne and those of Dornish blood, due to the loss of a dear friend, Ser Edmund Lychester, in the Battle of the Rush.


When Desmona turned sixteen her mother decided to give her daughter some exposure at Court. Esme presented the idea to her husband, and even if Andros was initially reluctant to let his only daughter leave his home before marriage, he saw the wisdom in this and gave his consent. Shortly after, Desmona was sent to live by her mother’s siblings - her Baratheon uncle Sarmion and aunt Elanna in King’s Landing.

She spent a good time in King’s Landing, familiarizing herself with the court and forming friendships with some of the ladies there. Eventually, she was given permission to travel with her brother Seth to Raventree Hall and then on to Winterfell where Seth was to marry Lord Stark’s sister, Marian. Returning with them to the south, she arrived again in King’s Landing in the dies of the sixth month, amidst the embassy of the Sealord of Braavos and the forthcoming wedding of Prince Baelor and Princess Daena.

She serves as a Lady in Waiting to Queen Daena Targaryen, and hopes to continue to serve her family well and have a good match made for her.

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Desmona is tightly knit with her Baratheon kin.

Desmona is a lady-in-waiting to Queen Daena Targaryen.

Significant Relations

Desmona’s cousin Sylla Sarsfield is a close friend and companion.

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