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Elysa Dayne

Elysa Dayne


In Brief

Elysa Dayne was born in the year 136 to Ser Aethan Dayne and Leyne Fowler. She is the mother of Rosarya Sand.


Hair the colour of ripe wheat beneath a full moon, almost more silver than gold, is left largely unbound, spilling in pale, flaxen waves down her back. A braid weaves its way from each temple, coming together at the back of her head. It is a youthful, if not quite girlish arrangement, which is well suited to her face. Refined cheekbones, high though not very widely set, and a rather pointed chin shape a face marked more by charm than classical beauty, an image also furthered by the light freckling upon her creamy complexion. In a similar vein, there is a certain boldness to her nose, making for a distinct profile. Any fierceness it might imply, however, is balanced by the soft curves of her lips, often and easily caught in a smile that generally finds itself echoed in eyes of an almost startlingly intense violet hue. But where once those smiles, and the dimple to the left of her mouth, suggested an almost too carefree nature, there is now something more solemn and serious about her. A certain grace and elegance clings to how she carries herself, though her form is neither particularly tall, nor notably slender.

A light and flowing outer gown of white sandsilk sets the tone of her garb, simple but elegant. Wide sleeves drape her arms, the cuffs edged in a band of silver embroideries, and the same pattern traces the square-cut neckline which reveals a touch of freckling upon her chest and a hint of the swell of her bosom. The bodice is fitted down past the curve of her waist and hips, and the wide skirt is split all the way in front to reveal an equally light undergown of pale lilac sand silk. The two skirts flow together with the slightest of movement, rippling about her legs and occasionally revealing the white, laced sandals worn upon her feet. A simple silver chain, with a pendant in the form of a seven-pointed star, lies about her neck and a similar chain hangs across her brow.



Elysa Dayne returned to the court at Sunspear in the midst of the Targaryen occupation. Her previous eight years had been spent at a Motherhouse in Oldtown following the birth of her natural daughter, Rosarya Sand. Once a light-hearted, carefree young girl, Elysa has grown into a young woman whose easy-going nature seems to have been more affected by her return to Sunspear than her time spent in the Motherhouse.

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