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Marence Nymeros Martell


In Brief

Marence Nymeros Martell was born in the year 133 to Princess Coryanne Nymeros Martell and Ser Quinlan Qorgyle. Widower of Lady Cordelia Yronwood. Father of Prince Maron, Princess Mariah, Princess Vanora, and Prince Malor.  He is the Prince of Dorne.


Here is a grave man, a man given to serious expressions and to a measure of worry, if the lines across his high brow and crinkled at the corners of his eyes are any sign. The olive skin of his heritage is otherwise unblemished, and it sits well on this too-grave face, with its close-cropped beard, chiseled nose and cheeks, and the mouth given by nature to softness yet by use to restraint. Yet he is a young man still, the vigor of the hot Dornish blood in his veins still at its fullest tide. His frame is well-knit, the shoulders broad enough, the chest deep enough, and the hands marked by the callouses of a man who is not unfamiliar with the practice of arms. Yet more often than not, there is a book to hand, or a wax tablet and stylus. His hair falls to his shoulder, thick and black, dark as his eyes and the dark lashes that fringe them.

He wears robes as the Dornishmen wear them, over-robe and under-robe of contrasting hues of red and yellow, and tunic of orange. The materials are of the finest quality, however, from the sandsilk of the outer-robe stitched with a pattern of golden suns to the shine of the under-robe’s satin and the fine and richly dyed linen of the tunic. The sleeves of the over-robe are wide like trumpets, falling gracefully to reveal the tighter, closer long sleeves of the under-robe that climb past his wrist. As he walks, slippers of tooled leather dyed crimson may be glimpsed. He bears a signet on one hand with the Sun and Spear of House Martell, and he wears a great collar of suns of copper and gilt about his neck.



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