Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Tidings from Dorne
IC Date: Day 21 of Month 5, 158 AC.
RL Date: February 18, 2007.

Since the glad word that Skyreach had fallen to Lord Tyrell, little news has come from Dorne of any note, save for the advance of King Daeron and Lord Tyrell to take the final resisting castle of Kingsgrave. But early in the morning, a raven from Sunspear arrived to reveal that things had changed dramatically: not only was Kingsgrave still free, but Blackmont too had gone over to the rebels ... and worst of all, hundreds of leagues to the east the gutted town of the Tor had risen up under the incitement of the rebel lord, Caston Vaith, and trapped the garrison within the castle. Lady Jordayne and loyal men at the Tor held the keep and two towers while without were more than two thousand Dornishmen ready to storm the castle if no aid came. Ser Alyn Velaryon, the famed Oakenfist, sent word that he would take men from Sunspear aboard ships of his fleet and sail around the Broken Arm to relieve the Tor.

In the Prince’s Pass, it is said that King Daeron prepares to besiege Kingsgrave, held by the wiley Lord Mors Manwoody. With the swift pace of events, it is not yet clear whether he is aware of this disaster. At Blackmont, Lord Tyrell has begun a careful siege to retake the castle after Lord Manwoody used treacherous tactics to capture it. Worst of all, hundreds of the common men of the garrison were savagely executed—thrown to their deaths from a cliff—as a reprisal and a lesson. Lord Tyrell has vowed to avenge them, though one of the perpetrators—Lord Andrey Blackmont—has taken several hundred men south towards the river Torentine beyond the reach of Lord Tyrell’s besieging force.

Against all this, small attacks and raids by savage Dornish rebels have begun to become common, perhaps due to the prospect of King Daeron’s expectant departure from Dorne. Whether the Young Dragon will continue with his intentions to depart is any man’s guess.